Tempo Move

The Tempo Move home gym delivers the experience and results of working out with a trainer thanks to real-time guidance, custom weight recommendations, personal training plans, and competition-grade weights designed for optimal tracking.

Three main components of the compact Tempo Move home gym work together to power personal training: 3D Tempo Vision; smart weights; and the Core. Like the Studio, the Move uses 3D Tempo Vision to monitor a user’s form, compares it to thousands of hours of collected training experience, and delivers personal feedback in real-time. The Move’s included smart weights are tracked by 3D Tempo Vision to offer form guidance, optimize one’s workout with recommendations and track progress. At the center of the Move is the Core, which communicates with select iPhone models and most TVs to power the experience and help a user understand their performance.

“Simply put, the fitness industry is broken. It continues to promise people that they are one piece of equipment away from their fitness goals, but what they’re really missing is a trainer — someone who will guide them, teach them, and keep them on track,” said Moawia Eldeeb, Tempo CEO and co-founder, and former personal trainer. “Tempo uses AI to make personal training accessible to everyone, and with the Move, we’re taking a huge step towards that goal.”

Tempo Move comes with 50 pounds of weight plates and dumbbells in an attractive storage unit around the same height as a typical media console. Atop the storage unit, users dock their iPhone into the Core, which connects to the TV via an HDMI cable. The Core can also be detached from the unit to be placed on an open surface, or taken on the go.

Like Tempo Studio, Tempo Move provides users with access to thousands of live and on-demand classes including strength training, HIIT, yoga and cardio, and meets the needs of consumers who have less space to dedicate to fitness equipment. Dumbbells are supported at launch, and barbell and kettlebell classes will be added in 2022. Users don’t just join a community with Tempo, they become part of an expert support system with the best personal trainers. Tempo learns about the fitness journey of every user in order to deliver tailored recommendations for each individual. It is the most experienced personal trainer, with more than 100,000 hours of combined training, compared to the average 200 hours it takes to become a professional personal trainer.

It is available for purchase today for $495 with a $21/month subscription. Click for more information.

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