Technics SL-1200M7L Turntable Limited Edition

Technics SL-1200M7L Turntable Limited Edition

To mark the 50 years anniversary of the SL-1200 series, this limited edition model is offered in seven colors, inspired by the street culture created by DJs. Each color features a gold tonearm along with a special badge inscribed with a serial number.

Coreless Direct Drive Motor Achieving Stable Rotation

The direct drive system makes use of a slow-turning motor to directly drive the platter. This system has varied benefits. It provides high performance, such as rotation accuracy and powerful torque, doesn’t require alternative parts, and maintains high reliability over a long period of time. Alternatively, the direct-drive system was said to produce a rotation irregularity called cogging. For the SL-1200M7L, a new coreless direct-drive motor was developed. This motor employs a coreless stator. The removal of the core (iron core) from the stator eradicated the root reason for cogging. Furthermore, the magnetic force of the rotor magnets was improved to the very best possible level, and the hole between the coreless stator and rotor magnets was optimised, thus achieving high torque performance equaling that of the SL-1200M7L. Boasting smooth rotation and powerful torque, this motor reproduces sound accurately and faithfully from the groove on an analog record.

Technics SL-1200M7L Turntable Limited Edition Features

Torque / Brake Pace Adjustment
The newest digital motor control technology, collected through the development of Blu-ray disc products, is utilized to enhance adjustment by allowing the torque and brake speed to be adjusted individually in 4 steps.

The Pitch Control Function
The pitch control function allows fine adjustment of the rotation speed within ±8% / ±16%. It does this through digital control, from positional detection of the slider to rotational control of the motor, eliminating the pointless DA conversion. This enormously improves tracking performance to achieve correct and stable pitch adjustment.

Reverse Play Function
The reverse play function, which brings forth new prospects of creative performance, makes its first look in the SL-1210 Series. Along with 33-1/3 rpm and 45 rpm, a rotation speed of 78 rpm is supported.

  • 50 Years Anniversary Limited Edition Designs and Accessories
  • Coreless Direct Drive Motor Achieving Stable Rotation
  • Diverse New Functions Adapt to Various Playing Styles
  • High Sensitive Tonearm
  • Stylus Illuminator Featuring a High-brightness and Long-life White LED
  • High-rigidity Cabinet and High-damping Insulator

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