Technics Network Audio Amplifier SU-GX70

Technics, a brand synonymous with premium audio gear, has introduced the SU-GX70 Network Audio Amplifier, a sophisticated streaming amplifier blending the sonic essence of Technics’ Grand Class components with a diverse array of source functions. This powerhouse of an amplifier doesn’t just stop at audio; it seamlessly integrates video connectivity through an HDMI ARC port, making it an ideal addition to any home hi-fi system.

At the heart of the SU-GX70 lies a Full Digital Amp infused with the acclaimed JENO Engine, an epitome of Technics’ digital audio expertise. Embracing a fully digital transmission system from input to output, this amplifier stands resilient against signal degradation caused by external noise, ensuring precise signal transmission. Notably, it manages to retain the soft, analog-like texture inherent in analog recordings while delivering high-resolution digital audio.

In a groundbreaking move, the inclusion of a JENO Engine in the HDMI ARC for the first time in a Technics product significantly reduces sound quality degradation from jitter during the transmission of digital audio signals. This achievement ensures unmatched clarity in TV audio, elevating the listening experience to new heights.

Moreover, the amplifier is meticulously assembled with high-quality audio components, such as chip film capacitors replacing power supply noise-reduction capacitors and signal path coupling capacitors, enhancing performance across the board.

One standout feature, the Ideal Impulse Response through LAPC, addresses speaker impedance variations across frequencies. By employing a speaker impedance adaptive optimization algorithm, this innovation corrects the impulse response to achieve flattened frequency characteristics of amplitude and phase. This novel technique delivers an audio experience that not only boasts rich spatial expression but also corrects phase characteristics previously unattained by amplifiers.

The SU-GX70 incorporates a Twin Power Supply Circuit System, ensuring a dedicated power supply for the amplifier circuits, independent of other components. With the use of high-grade electrolytic capacitors and the shortest connections possible, it minimizes noise and impedance issues, resulting in pristine audio output. Additionally, a high-speed switching power supply reduces noise interference during music playback, empowering the amplifier to drive speakers with exceptional clarity and power.

To mitigate any impact on sound quality stemming from video signals transmitted through HDMI ARC, the amplifier employs a low-impact video output strategy. By outputting video signals at a lower rate and setting the digital value of pixel color to zero, it minimizes unwanted noise generation while preserving audio quality. This unique mechanism by Panasonic/Technics further reduces the impact of jitter during signal transmission.

The Pure Amplification Mode, when activated, isolates the network and HDMI circuits to eradicate any noise, ensuring an even clearer music playback experience.

Analog input is not overlooked either; the SU-GX70 boasts a discrete amp circuit inspired by the renowned SU-R1000, featuring high-quality audio parts meticulously selected for their performance and noise reduction.

Additionally, the “Space Tune” function offers users the ability to adjust sound space according to the room environment and installation location, ensuring optimal sound reproduction. With presets like “Free,” “Wall,” “Corner,” and “In a Shelf,” or the ability to customize settings for left and right speakers independently, users can fine-tune the sound to perfection based on their unique acoustic settings.

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