Targus UV-C LED Disinfection Light

In the wake of the post-pandemic era, maintaining a clean workspace is of paramount importance, whether you’re working in the office or from home. Targus, renowned for its quality laptop cases and mobile computing accessories, announced the availability of its groundbreaking UV-C LED Disinfection Light. Recognized as a CES® 2021 Innovation Awards Honoree, this cutting-edge solution utilizes UV-C Light technology to effectively reduce pathogens on various device surfaces, providing a no-touch disinfection solution that promotes a healthier work environment.

Automatic Disinfection for Enhanced Hygiene

Designed with a sleek, modern aesthetic, the Targus UV-C LED Disinfection Light is a lightweight and essential addition to any workspace. Placed between your keyboard and monitor, this innovative device automatically disinfects the surfaces of keyboards, mice, and other items within its range. By harnessing the power of UV-C Light, which breaks down the DNA of microorganisms, it eliminates the need for manual intervention, cleaning, or touching.

Efficient Pathogen Elimination

The UV-C LED Disinfection Light has been rigorously tested by third-party laboratories, confirming its efficacy against various pathogenic microorganisms. It has proven to be highly effective against the Flu Virus (H1N1 Influenza), Staph (Staphylococcus aureus) Bacteria, Pneumonia (Klebsiella pneumoniae) Bacteria, and MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) Bacteria. With a simple setup, the disinfection cycle runs for 5 minutes every hour, ensuring the active disinfection area remains clean and pathogen-free.

Easy to Use and Safe

The Targus UV-C LED Disinfection Light is AC-powered and operates automatically, eliminating the need for manual cleaning schedules. However, if desired, manual cleaning can be initiated with a single button press. The device provides a 15-second window for individuals to leave the active area before disinfection begins. Equipped with built-in motion sensors, it features an auto shut-off safety feature. If any motion is detected outside the active cleaning area or within the safety zone, the UV-C LEDs are automatically disabled. After 5 minutes of inactivity, the disinfection cycle resumes, ensuring maximum safety and effectiveness.

Create a Clean Workspace Anywhere

With the UV-C LED Disinfection Light (AWV339TT), you can now purchase this advanced solution directly from Targus.com or through authorized resellers in the US. Whether you’re at the office or working from home, this device provides a low-maintenance, automated disinfection solution for individual workstations. Say goodbye to the worries of pathogenic microorganisms on high-touch surfaces like keyboards, mice, and tablets, and embrace a cleaner and healthier workspace.

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