Storck Aerfast.5: A Breakthrough in Cycling Innovation

In the ever-evolving world of cycling, where speed and performance reign supreme, Storck introduces its latest marvel – the Aerfast.5. With a design born in the wind tunnel and boasting unparalleled aerodynamics, this road bike sets new standards for velocity and efficiency.

Revolutionary Aerodynamics

Thanks to advanced computer-aided frame configuration, this road bike demands only 195 watts to maintain an impressive speed of 45 km/h – making it the fastest in the world. The aerodynamically optimized frame, weighing a mere 890 grams, ensures maximum performance without compromising on durability.

Storck Aerfast.5

Super-Fast Fork

Enhancing its aerodynamic prowess, the Aerfast.5 features a wide and aggressive fork designed to minimize air turbulence. The narrow head end reduces contact surface with the airstream, while the innovative camtail creates a sailing effect, propelling the wheel forward with unmatched efficiency. With its 80 mm width, the fork not only contributes to speed but also plays a significant role in conserving watts.

Enhanced Frame Aerodynamics

Continuing the quest for optimal aerodynamics, key areas of the Aerfast.5’s frame have undergone significant enhancements. Notably, the head tube’s design, in compliance with new UCI guidelines, channels airflow more efficiently towards the rear of the frame. Moreover, the deeper seat tube and seat post minimize air turbulence, while the flared design of the seat stay connection further enhances aerodynamic performance.

Storck Aerfast.5-1

Unparalleled Performance

Beyond its aerodynamic superiority, the Aerfast.5 delivers an exceptional riding experience. Its saddle elevation, characteristic of an aero road bike, ensures swift and comfortable rides, while the high stiffness of the frame guarantees a direct response to every acceleration. With improved bottom bracket stiffness, this bike embodies speed and agility, making it impossible to resist the urge to push boundaries.


Aerfast.5 Team Edition

Catering to professional cyclists, Storck unveils the Aerfast.5 Team Edition, tailored for competitive racing. Embraced by the Storck Metropolcycling team, known for its remarkable achievements, this edition promises to elevate performance on the track. With a striking design and equipped with top-tier electric groupsets from SRAM and Shimano, the Aerfast.5 Team Edition is set to dominate the racing circuit.

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