Sony VPL-PHZ61 and VPL-PHZ51 Projectors

Sony VPL-PHZ61 and VPL-PHZ51 Projectors are easy and compact to install on ceilings in meeting rooms and classrooms with a +55% vertical shift, the widest of the fixed lens models. Both models with sophisticated designs feature impressive high brightness – the 6,400 lumens (7,000-lumen center) VPL-PHZ61 and the 5,300 lumens (5,800-lumen center) VPL-PHZ51 – projecting crystal clear images even in a well-lit boardroom or meeting room. Conference room to enhance users’ collaboration and communication.

With the incorporation of Sony’s Reality Creation real-time signal processing, mapping, and analysis technology, the projectors produce crisp, clear images for effective presentation and viewing. Both new models support 4K60P input for compatibility with 4K video sources. This is further enhanced by Reality Creation’s ability to improve the overall clarity, resolution, and quality of images, whether they are images, graphics, or text. In addition, the projectors do not require a converter when used with other 4K equipment to simultaneously project 4K content and support the “Deep Color” feature of HDMI and HDCP2.3. The projector’s Reality Text feature enhances text-based presentation materials by providing clearer lettering and improved legibility.

The projectors also feature advanced Smart Settings that offer optimization based on usage environment. The addition of customized Bright View functionality ensures that colors accurately retain their contrast and vibrancy, even in brightly lit rooms. The new Ambiance feature automatically measures the brightness of the room using an ambient light sensor and further calibrates Bright View, color gain and Reality Creation settings accordingly. In addition, the new models use a new filter material that does not require filter cleaning for meeting room and classroom use.

Other features include:

Auto Light Output – Using the ambient light sensor, the projector’s brightness is automatically controlled at night to save power consumption

Auto Power On – New Auto Power On feature that turns the projector on when a video signal is detected and Auto Input Selection that automatically switches the input when a video signal is detected
Data cloning functionality – allows users to copy all settings from one projector to all subsequent projectors using a USB device

Maintenance – Makes it easy for users to remove the filter and know when the filter needs to be cleaned with a new sensor.

The VPL-PHZ61 and VPL-PHZ51 are scheduled for release in North America this fall.

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