Sea-Doo Switch

Sea-Doo is entering a new era with the introduction of the 2022 Sea-Doo Switch, an all-new pontoon boat that marries the spirit and fun of Sea-Doo with the incredible versatility and stability of a pontoon platform.

This is not a typical pontoon – the Switch is unlike anything that has ever hit the water, and it is built specifically to change the realities of what life on the water can be. The innovative and adaptable platform provides the flexibility to fit the dreams of all kinds of recreational water lovers with a completely new and modular design, ease of riding, and affordability.

“It’s a dynamic pontoon with the heart of a Sea-Doo, and its quick-change deck design can be completely re-configured to fit a solo fishing trip in the morning to a family picnic at noon, and a wakeboard session in the evening,” said Annick Lauzon, Director, Global Marketing, Sea-Doo and Ski-Doo at BRP.

Perhaps its biggest point of differentiation – other than its Rotax jet propulsion system and unique, Sea-Doo-inspired handlebar steering system – is that the entire deck is made of configurable tiles. Only the helm is stationary, and the rest of the layout can be changed in seconds to accommodate any adventure with easy-on, easy-off LinQ quick-attach tiles. There are almost 100 options available, allowing people to add or remove seating, change table locations, and much more.

At its heart, the Sea-Doo Switch remains undeniably Sea-Doo, both above and below the waterline. A tri-hull ensures that fun is at the heart of the experience, with stability and agility allowing people to lean into turns and carve through the water. It also adds that rush of excitement and a dynamic behavior people don’t get from a traditional pontoon and features the acclaimed Sea-Doo iBR (Intelligent Brake & Reverse) – making it the first-ever pontoon boat with brakes – which gives it one of the most intuitive docking experiences in the industry.

Sea-Doo Switch Price

Sea-Doo Switch

Switch – Starting at $17,999

Passengers: 5-9
Length: 13-19
HP: 100 – 170

Sea-Doo-Switch Sport

Switch Sport – Starting at $23,999

Passengers: 5-9
Length: 13-21
HP: 170 – 230

Sea-Doo-Switch Cruise

Switch Cruise – Starting at $26,999

Passengers: 7-9
Length: 18-21
HP: 100 – 230

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