Scott Tago Plus Helmet

The Scott Tago Plus helmet is a versatile and durable option for trail and all-mountain riders. Its In-Mold construction, featuring a polycarbonate micro-shell, provides superior protection for the toughest uphills and downhills. The helmet is also designed with sustainability in mind, as it is partially made from recycled materials, including EPS foam and straps.

One of the standout features of the Tago Plus is its HALO 360 fit system, which includes a rubber dial for easy adjustments and seamless integration with the MIPS Brain Protection System. Additionally, the helmet boasts optimized ventilation, extended coverage, and an adjustable visor for added convenience and comfort on the trail. Finally, the helmet also includes a sunglasses stowage feature, making it compatible with goggles and sunglasses.

In summary, the Scott Tago Plus is a great choice for all-mountain, enduro, and trail riders looking for a durable, sustainable, and feature-packed helmet.

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