Roger Dubuis x Dr. Woo Monobalancier

In the realm of expressive watchmaking, the stars have aligned once again as Roger Dubuis and renowned tattoo artist Dr. Woo embark on a cosmic journey in design. Their collaboration has birthed the extraordinary Excalibur Dr. Woo Monobalancier timepiece, a captivating fusion of Hyper Horology™ and exquisite tattoo art.

A Perfect Partnership

Roger Dubuis, known for pioneering Hyper Horology™, and Dr. Woo, a respected name in the urban culture scene, share a common spirit of challenging conventions and pursuing artistic expression with purpose. Their attention to detail and commitment to progress make them ideal companions for design exploration.

A Galaxy in Motion

The dial of the Excalibur Dr. Woo Monobalancier mesmerizes with three celestial bodies taking center stage. The fiery sun, intricately laser-engraved on a black brass plate, rotates between 10 and 11 o’clock, while the Earth, adorned with Dr. Woo’s delicate art, revolves between 4 and 5 o’clock, cleverly linked to the movement of the watch’s hands. At 8 o’clock, a slender crescent moon reveals the balance wheel beneath, symbolizing intuition and understanding. This stellar display immerses the wearer in a captivating vision of spiraling components, reminiscent of the night sky.

Symbols and Motifs

The Excalibur Dr. Woo Monobalancier incorporates various symbolic elements that add depth to its design. Dr. Woo’s signature spider, representing strength and protection, returns as a discreet engraving on a sapphire disc positioned on the flange. An engraved gold metallized Roger Dubuis astral star symbolizes the cosmic journey of a 3D carved rocket ship, connecting with pink gold-tone hour markers. These symbols, along with the artist’s enigmatic geometric iconography adorning the ceramic case and calf-skin leather strap, infuse the timepiece with intrigue and personal interpretation.

Mastering Ceramic

Roger Dubuis defies convention by crafting a sleek black ceramic case for the Excalibur Dr. Woo Monobalancier without compromising its sharp shape. This demanding process, taking 15 times longer than gold case production, results in a timepiece that is not only stylish but also highly resistant to scratches and tarnishing. The durability and allure of the ceramic case make it a testament to the Maison’s commitment to excellence.

The Iconic Excalibur Monobalancier Calibre

Powering the Excalibur Dr. Woo Monobalancier is the automatic RD720SQ calibre, renowned for its exceptional performance. The micro-rotor, concealed beneath the sun motif, minimizes vibrations, while the balance wheel’s impressive inertia enhances stability and shock resistance. The advanced mechanics of the diamond-coated silicon escapement wheel and pallet-stones contribute to the timepiece’s 72-hour power reserve. With each component hand-finished to meet the prestigious Poinçon de Genève certification, the Excalibur Dr. Woo Monobalancier represents the pinnacle of contemporary artistry.

The Art of Permanence

Like ink on skin, the Excalibur Dr. Woo Monobalancier embodies permanence and serves as a reminder to embrace boundless possibilities. Limited to just 28 pieces, this rare timepiece stands as a testament to the collaboration’s uniqueness and collectibility. Owning it allows one to partake in the cosmic journey crafted by Roger Dubuis and Dr. Woo, where artistry and innovation converge.

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