Riese & Müller Transporter 65 and Transporter 85

Whether you are rushing around with the children or require versatile cargo transport in the city: With the Transporter 65 and Transporter 85, Riese & Müller presents two real all-rounders for carefree urban mobility.

Transporter 65 – €5,799

Transporter 65

The Transporter 65 is a solid all-rounder for transporting cargo and kids, and it’s ideal for families. A wide variety of equipment options make the practical basic configuration with cargo area the perfect vehicle for families. The Transportbox with integrated door makes it easier to get in, while the double child seat with 5-point safety belts and standard footwell keep your children comfortable and safe. The optional cover opens with the side door and provides protection against rain, wind, and sun.

To protect cargo from the weather, there is also the option of a tarpaulin that can be stored rolled up on the front panel. Just like the child cover, it is made of 100% recyclable polyester and is spinneret-dyed. This reduces water consumption in the production process and protects the fabric from fading.

If there are no children on board, the sturdy box provides plenty of space for luggage. Two crates of water bottles can be transported with ease – or even three without the child seats.

Transporter 85 – €5,999

Transporter 85

With the Transporter 85 Riese & Müller offers a variable platform for professional cargo transport. Whether as a delivery vehicle in the city, a sprinter hauling goods, or a workshop on wheels: the Transporter 85 is specially designed for transporting big and heavy loads. The basic version of the Cargo Bike comes with a sturdy platform you can lash crates and bulky cargo to with ease. Under the cargo area, there’s a lockable glove compartment where you can store belts, for instance.

The optional box makes the Transporter 85 perfect for high-volume cargo transport. Its surface area of 87.5 x 70 cm makes loading up standardized containers or loose items child’s play. With its flat cover, the lockable box boasts a transport volume of around 375 liters, and with the high cover, it accommodates 465 liters.

Both Transporter models are ideal for business customers. The equipment can be optimally adapted to business needs for sharing or fleet models. For instance, the batteries of the business version are placed in the lockable footwell, thus better protecting them against theft.

The Transporter 65 and Transporter 85 are equipped with the powerful Bosch Performance Line motor, boasting a maximum torque of 75 Nm, and a low-maintenance belt drive combined with the continuous Enviolo 380 hub gear. A 500 Wh powerpack is installed as standard, and a DualBattery option with 1,000 Wh is available if required.

The seat and handlebar height can be adjusted quickly when changing riders, and the low crank-bearing height enables you to get on and off effortlessly.

The Transporter stands sturdily on the centre stand and can be raised slightly even when bearing a heavy load by using the new jacking-up tools.

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