Ricoh GRIIIx Urban Edition

Ricoh GRIIIx Urban Edition

Inspired by road photographers who’re of their aspect on the asphalt pavement, the RICOH GR IIIx “Urban Edition” includes a metallic grey body that has a unique texture. It’s smooth however enables excellent grip, a combination of design and functionality. The blue lens ring cap complements the metallic grey colour. This camera additionally debuts several new capabilities, including Snap Distance Priority mode and Auto Area AF (Center) focus mode.

The GR IIIx Urban Edition Special Limited Kit includes the GR IIIx camera in the special metallic grey body end, a blue lens ring cap, plus a leather wrist strap with a blue application the matches the color of the lens ring, and a black metal hot shoe cover.

Ricoh GRIIIx Urban Edition Key Features

Snap Distance PrioritySnap Distance Priority
Newly added Snap Distance Priority in Exposure mode. By selecting the snap shooting distance and DOF in advance, just by selecting this mode, you can instantly recall this setting. When the DOF 3 is selected, the aperture is set to nearly pan focus so you can release the shutter right away.

Auto-Area AF (Center)

Auto-Area AF (Center)
Newly added Auto-area AF (Center) in Focus mode. Auto-area AF works around the center of the frame (9 areas) instead of the entire frame. This prevents the camera from focusing on unintended areas such as the ground in front of you, allowing you more control of your street snaps.

Special Power-Off Graphic

Special Power-Off Graphic
The Urban Edition features a special power-off graphic with a street-like texture on the background with the GR IIIx Urban Edition logo.

Blue Lens Ring Cap and Metal Hot Shoe Cover

Blue Lens Ring Cap and Metal Hot Shoe Cover
The camera body is accentuated by an eye-catching blue ring that encircles the lens barrel. It complements the metallic gray color the GR IIx Urban Edition and is exclusive to this series. The Special Limited Kit also includes a specially designed black metallic hot shoe cover.

Leather Hand Strap

Leather Hand Strap
The luxurious leather hand strap features a blue swivel (leather ring) to match the ring cap of the camera. It is special version that matches the design of the Urban Edition.

Ricoh GRIIIx Urban Edition Specifications


Lens Construction: 7 elements in 5 groups (2 aspherical lens elements)
Focal Length, Aperture: 26.1mm (Approx. 40mm in 35mm equivalent focal length), F2.8~F16

Image Capture Unit

Image Sensor: Type: Primary color filter CMOS. Size: 23.5mm x 15.6mm
Effective Pixels: Approx. 24.24 megapixels
Sensitivity (Standard output): ISO100~102400: Auto (ISO Auto Lower/Upper Limit and Minimum Shutter Speed can be set), Manual
Image Stabilization: Sensor-shift shake reduction (SR)(3-axis)
AA Filter Simulator: Moiré reduction using SR unit (Off, Low, High)
Dust Removal: Image sensor cleaning using ultrasonic vibrations “DR II”

The Ricoh GR IIIx Urban Edition Special Limited Kit will be available to purchase, in limited quantities, starting April 2022 for $1099.

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