Razer Cobra and Cobra Pro Mouse

This innovative mouse collection seamlessly combines form and function, incorporating the best features from Razer’s immersive mice range into a symmetrical design. With customizability, connectivity, and cutting-edge technology at the forefront, the Razer Cobra Pro invites gamers to embark on a mesmerizing gaming journey filled with freedom and immersion.

Unleashing Unrivaled Control and Customization

The Cobra Pro empowers gamers with unparalleled control, from essential commands to complex macros. Featuring 10 customizable controls, 5 onboard memory profiles, and an impressive 11 individually addressable Chroma RGB zones – the most in its class – all wrapped in a sleek symmetrical design, this mouse redefines accessibility. With seven buttons on top, two on the side, and one on the bottom, the Cobra Pro offers limitless possibilities for quick and convenient commands. Moreover, Razer’s Hypershift feature takes it a step further by enabling temporary secondary functions, elevating gameplay to new heights. Switching between onboard memory profiles is a breeze with Razer Synapse, effortlessly tailored to different gaming scenarios.

Technological Excellence

The Cobra Pro showcases Razer’s relentless innovation, harnessing the pinnacle of gaming technologies. Drawing inspiration from the award-winning Razer Basilisk V3 Pro, this mouse boasts the Focus Pro 30K Optical Sensor, Optical Mouse Switches Gen-3, and HyperSpeed. For gamers seeking even more performance, the Cobra Pro is upgrade-ready for true 4000 Hz polling rates with the Razer Mouse Dock Pro or the Razer HyperPolling Wireless Dongle, setting the stage for professional gaming.

Superior Connectivity

Weighing just 77g, the Cobra Pro offers a lightweight design without compromising on features. With up to 100 hours of gameplay on HyperSpeed Wireless (and an astounding 170 hours on Bluetooth), gamers can enjoy battles, building, and strategizing anytime, anywhere. The USB Type C Speedflex Cable ensures quick and seamless charging, ensuring that the Cobra Pro is always ready for action. Wireless charging capabilities can also be unlocked using the Razer Mouse Dock Pro or the Razer Wireless Charging Puck (sold separately), providing the utmost convenience.

Introducing the Razer Cobra

For casual gamers who prefer a wired connection, the Razer Cobra presents itself as a fantastic alternative. This lightweight mouse is equipped with ultra-durable switches, eight customizable controls, and features a striking gradient Chroma underglow. It embodies high-performance gaming in a sleek, wired form factor.

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Razer Cobra Pro

Razer Cobra



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