PUMA x BMW M Motorsport

The convergence of automotive prowess, artistic brilliance, and fashion innovation has sparked the latest collaboration between global sports giant PUMA and BMW M Motorsport. Celebrating the centenary of the legendary artist Roy Lichtenstein, the two iconic brands have united forces to honor his enduring legacy through a captivating collaboration.

Marking the 100th anniversary of Roy Lichtenstein’s legacy, PUMA and BMW M Motorsport are set to release a unique capsule collection. This collection serves as a homage to Lichtenstein’s iconic BMW Art Car, blending the artist’s distinctive style with PUMA’s signature flair. Beyond honoring the artist’s milestone, this collaboration aims to reignite the spirit of Lichtenstein’s groundbreaking work for a new wave of art and fashion enthusiasts.

In 1977, the unveiling of the third BMW Art Car became a testament to artistic brilliance, thanks to the imaginative touch of American Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. The BMW 320i Turbo was transformed into a mobile masterpiece, adorned with Lichtenstein’s hallmark “Ben-Day dots” artwork. The design created a visual narrative, portraying a moving landscape with the sun rising on one side and setting on the other, symbolizing the 24-hour cycle of the Le Mans race. Notably, the car proved its mettle in the demanding motorsport arena by securing 9th place overall and clinching the top spot in its class.

Now, the essence of this iconic Art Car is revived in a limited-edition collection that seamlessly fuses Roy Lichtenstein’s artistry with the dynamic spirit of PUMA and BMW M Motorsport. This exclusive capsule pays tribute to an artist known for blurring the lines between high and low art, crafting everyday objects from magazine covers and shirts to champagne bottles alongside his renowned canvases.

The collection boasts a full ensemble, comprising a jacket, pants, tee, cap, and PUMA Suedes, meticulously designed to showcase captivating elements inspired by Lichtenstein’s BMW 320i Turbo Art Car. The visual allure of “Ben-Day dots” and a vibrant color palette converge, creating a bold and unforgettable ensemble..

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