Power and Elegance: Introducing The New Otam 70 HT

In the realm of luxury yachts, the pursuit of engineering excellence, distinctive identity, and iconic design has reached new heights with the arrival of the remarkable Otam 70 HT. Inspired by the sleek lines of hypercars and aeronautic marvels, this vessel embodies the perfect blend of aggressive sportiness, timeless elegance, and fearless performance. Designed entirely by the renowned Italian BG DESIGN FIRM studio, the Otam 70 HT stays true to the brand’s unique style and identity, while pushing boundaries through meticulous detailing research. Combined with the expertise of Umberto Tagliavini Marine Design in crafting an innovative hull, this yacht is a true masterpiece of design and engineering.

Unrivaled Performance

At the core of the Otam 70 HT lies its brand-new engineered deep V hull, boasting a 21° deadrise angle. This iconic design element, coupled with the impressive engine room volume, forms the foundation of Otam’s legendary performance. The result is a vessel that guarantees unparalleled fuel efficiency and exceptional performance even in challenging sea conditions. Drawing from the technology utilized in championship-winning speed machines, this race-inspired hull delivers precise handling, remarkable stability, and an impressive level of seaworthiness. Otam has perfected the art of luxury fast custom products over many years, and the Otam 70 HT is a testament to their expertise.

Iconic Design DNA

A signature feature of Otam yachts are the prominent and recognizable air intakes on the deck and the hard top. These distinctive design elements, reminiscent of the brand’s DNA, have been thoughtfully integrated and enhanced in the new Otam 70 HT. The presence of these engine room air intakes is a clear indication that the vessel is an Otam creation, reaffirming their commitment to delivering unique and unmistakable luxury yachts. The Otam 70 HT is fully customizable, allowing buyers to personalize their vessel according to their preferences, reinforcing Otam’s reputation for high-quality craftsmanship and unlimited customizations.

Craftsmanship and Innovation

In constructing the Otam 70 HT, Otam adopts an extraordinary approach rarely seen in pleasure luxury yachts. The yacht’s structure combines aramat e vinyl ester resin with carbon fiber longitudinal reinforcements, ensuring exceptional strength and durability. The use of structural tanks, interior bulkheads, and a focus on lightness—borne out of experience gained in offshore speedboat races—further enhance the vessel’s performance. Otam’s commitment to excellence is evident in their “Built-In” interiors, where woods are not simply pre-cut and assembled but entirely built on board. This approach allows for limitless aesthetic and layout choices, ensuring a timelessly elegant result.

Unmatched Space and Comfort

Measuring an impressive 22 meters in overall length and with a beam of 5.40 meters, the Otam 70 HT offers an abundance of space for customization. The yacht provides unparalleled comfort for a fast luxury cruiser of its size, boasting a transom tender garage, a stabilization system, and, of course, the signature Otam large-volume engine room. Every aspect of this vessel has been carefully designed to deliver an unrivaled experience of luxury and performance.

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