Polydrops P17A All Electric

After ten years of studying Architectural design, the Founders of Polydrops, Kyung-Hyun, and Jieun realized that they have been designing spaces only for other people, which they have never been able to use themselves. One day, the decision to sell Kyung-Hyun’s car to build their own, portable space led to Polydrops’ birth.

They tried a few camping trailers before they actually build one for them. The overall quality of camping trailers in the market was quite disappointing, especially the noise and vibration when it is being towed, and the lack of insulation was a huge issue.

The first prototype of the Polydrops Trailer came out in 2017, weighing in at only 680 lbs. Being 100% handmade, the lightweight trailer made it possible for them to be able to travel with Jieun’s small 4-cylinder car while towing the first Polydrops prototype trailer for a year. The immense feedback and interest from random people during the trip finally led them to jump into business following his graduation from SCI-Arc.

“What we’ve designed is not just a camping trailer, but more of a portable private space of your own that one or two can travel with. Fun fact is, Jieun and I not only used to use this trailer for traveling, but we also used it as a personal studying space while earning our graduate degree at the SCI-Arc parking lot and also as a micro office while we were developing our business at the start-up incubator.”

Polydrops P17A All Electric Features

  • Built with up to R-41 value of insulation, a P17A1 provides quality sleep regardless of outdoor weather conditions.
  • There are three cubby holes to store your gears, a foldable desk, and Bluetooth speakers, 110V outlet is installed as a base feature of a P17A1
  • The control panel is easily accessible. Controls air conditioner, heater, Bluetooth speakers, LED lighting, and charges devices.
  • The simple modern styling of a pull-out induction stove, storage drawer, Dometic fridge, sink, and a large cooking counter illuminated by 4 LED lights, is simple, yet practical and technical.
  • The pull-out kitchen system gives you more space for preparation. Two burner induction stove is safe and efficient to cook.
  • P17A1 is equipped with a faucet with a water pump, and 6 gallons of a freshwater tank on board.
  • P17A1’s kitchen has a Dometic CRX-50 fridge and freezer, with a 45-liter capacity. It runs on solar power all day long.
  • Using an air conditioner and heater without an electric hookup, cooking with an induction stove, and charging devices on the road, all of these are possible with Polydrops’ integrated electric system.
  • A/C, heater, and vents are located on the front control panel. Simply turn on the inverter charger switch, and all system works flawlessly
  • Up to 12kWh LiFePO4 battery pack along with the solar panel powers up P17A1’s power outlets, able to charge laptops, and smartphones convenient for working anywhere.
  • Inspired by F1 vehicles, P17A1 has a full flat Aero underbody with vertical fins that helps to reduce air drag.
  • The design of P17A1 completely splits air coming from the towing vehicle and reduces air drag by directing the air completely behind the trailer.
  • The aerodynamic features of the Polydrops made it possible to travel by EV. Travel further with less charging times.
  • Starting at $28,990


  • Exterior Length: 13′ 7″​
  • Exterior Width: 6’​
  • Exterior Height: 5′ 3″​​
  • Interior Length: 76″
  • Interior Width: 54″, plus 6″ of door path on both sides (Up to 66″)
  • Interior Height: 38″
  • Dry Weight: 1,100 lbs – 1,600 lbs
  • Ground Clearance: 10″

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