Pendleton x Casio PRG601PE Watch

Together, they have created a truly special timepiece that seamlessly blends Pendleton’s distinctive style with the functionality of the Casio PRG601PE watch. Not only does this watch boast a unique cloth band inspired by Pendleton’s X4 pattern, but it also embraces warm, natural colors throughout. Moreover, its environmentally friendly materials exemplify the shared commitment of these two brands towards the preservation of our planet.

Embracing Nature

The Pendleton x Casio PRG601PE watch embodies the essence of the great outdoors. With a mountain-shaped small hand on the inset dial at 10 o’clock, reminiscent of the band’s pattern, it pays homage to the breathtaking landscapes that inspire us. The watch proudly displays the Pendleton logo on the upper band and case back, further cementing its connection to the brand’s rich heritage and dedication to quality.

Beyond its stunning aesthetics, this timepiece is equipped with Casio’s Triple Sensor technology. Seamlessly integrated into the watch, it provides real-time direction, temperature, barometric pressure, and altitude measurements directly on your wrist. Whether you’re hiking, trekking, or engaging in any outdoor activity, this feature-packed watch ensures you’re always well-prepared and informed about your surroundings.

Sustainable Innovation

In line with the shared commitment to the environment, the Pendleton x Casio PRG601PE watch incorporates materials that aim to minimize its environmental impact. By using sustainable components, this collaboration underscores the importance of responsible production and consumption, while still delivering a high-performance outdoor timepiece.

Uninterrupted Adventures

The Tough Solar charging system powers all the watch’s functions, meaning you never have to worry about running out of battery. This innovative technology harnesses the power of sunlight and artificial light to keep the watch running efficiently. Additionally, the watch features a high-brightness, full-auto double LED light that illuminates with a simple tilt of your wrist. Whether you find yourself in dimly lit trails or under the starry night sky, this watch ensures you’re never left in the dark during your adventures.

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