Panasonic RZ-B310W and RZ-B110W True Wireless Earphones

Panasonic has unveiled two new sets of wireless earphones, each with unique features to cater to different types of users. The RZ-B310W is designed for those who value active noise cancelling and is an inner-ear model equipped with Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling capabilities. It uses both feedback and feedforward, with microphones inside and outside, to neutralize distracting ambient noise, making it perfect for commuters looking to block out the repetitive background noise of public transport. Meanwhile, the RZ-B110W is perfect for users who want to enjoy music without worrying about maintaining a charge. These earphones offer an impressive 26 hours of playback time and can be charged quickly using the supplied USB-C cable.

Both pairs of earphones feature Panasonic’s ‘Ergofit’ design, which provides a comfortable and secure fit, allowing users to wear them for extended periods. They also come equipped with XBS technology to energize the listener’s tunes with powerful bass that is streamed wirelessly via Bluetooth® 5.3.

The RZ-B310W earphones provide users with a 16-hour battery life, even when using active noise cancelling, with the earphones themselves providing five hours of non-stop playback. The carrying case can provide an extra 11 hours when fully charged. The RZ-B110W earphones, on the other hand, can last up to 26 hours, including 20 hours of additional run-time from the carrying case.

Both earphone models are IPX4 water-resistant, making them suitable for real-world use. They also feature voice assistance, with compatibility with Google Assistant and Siri.

Overall, Panasonic’s new wireless earphones cater to the needs of various users, with features such as noise-cancelling, extended battery life, and water resistance. The XBS technology and Bluetooth 5.3 wireless capabilities provide users with high-quality audio and a stable connection. These new earphones are ideal for those on the go who want to enjoy music or take calls without any interruptions.

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Panasonic RZ-B310W

Panasonic RZ-B110W

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