Onean Carver X

The Onean Carver X JetBoard is a Motorized Electric Surfboard that means that you can surf the waters without being pulled behind a boat or riding a wave! With this electric board, you’ll immerse yourself into a totally new and unbelievable sense of freedom. Extra speed, extra power, extra enjoyable! Weight has at all times been a limitation when it comes to planning with electric jet boards.

Onean Carver X has a dual jet propulsion system which provides 10.000W of power. It’s the ultimate go-to possibility for riders as much as 250lbs (115kg) and to enjoy the feeling of gliding above all waters or who intention for competitors and maximum speeds.

Onean Carver X Features


Two batteries provide autonomous operation for as much as 40 minutes. Chargers, that allow you to quickly replenish the energy, are included. Additionally included is mounting – they provide most stability even on large waves, so the board is safe.

Onean Carver X Jet Engines

Jet Engines

The distinctive system of two jet engines allows the electric surf to develop respectable speeds even on waves. Check what its maximum speed is.

Onean Carver X Remote Control

Remote Control

The remote control means that you can choose one of many 5 proposed modes, adjusting the electric power to your abilities and desires. And you may quickly change the pressure settings to perform complicated tricks.

Onean Carver X Design


The board has a power of 10 kW, which is twice as a lot as the usual power of the brand models. Due to this, it allows riders weighing 85-100 kg to reach the maximum speed.

Onean Carver X Two Batteries

Two Batteries

The design provides not one, however, two batteries. They supply high power and likewise make surfing available even for large riders. Riding time without recharging is about 40 minutes at mixed speeds.

Engine Power: 10kw
Max Speed: 45km/h
Ride Time: 35min
Weight Incl. Battery: 43kg

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