OMEGA New Speedmaster Moonwatch: A Tribute to Space Exploration

OMEGA, renowned for its iconic Speedmaster Moonwatch, has launched its latest edition, featuring a captivating lacquered white dial. Inspired by both space exploration and the collection’s rich heritage, this highly anticipated model is set to delight fans worldwide.

A Star-Studded Debut

The unveiling of this new Speedmaster Moonwatch comes after months of eager anticipation, sparked by its first sighting on the wrist of OMEGA brand ambassador Daniel Craig at the Planet OMEGA Exhibition in New York back in November 2023. Now, the design is finally revealed and ready for public sale, promising to capture the hearts of enthusiasts everywhere.

OMEGA New Speedmaster Moonwatch-1

A Dial That Sets It Apart

The standout feature of this new Speedmaster Moonwatch is its rare white dial, a departure from the traditional black dial of its predecessors. Paying homage to the iconic design while infusing it with a fresh twist, OMEGA has adorned the white dial with striking black detailing and applied indexes, complemented by a vivid red Speedmaster name. The glossy lacquered finish adds a touch of sophistication, marking the first time this technique has been applied to the Moonwatch’s signature step dial.

Inspired by Space

The choice of white for the dial draws inspiration from astronaut spacesuits, particularly those worn during extravehicular activities (EVAs) such as spacewalks. This connection to space exploration is deeply rooted in the Speedmaster Moonwatch’s history, as it has been the watch of choice for NASA astronauts since 1965 and was famously worn on the Moon. The addition of red accents pays homage to the commander’s rank insignia on spacesuits, further cementing the watch’s ties to space missions.

OMEGA New Speedmaster Moonwatch-2

A Nod to History

The decision to opt for a white dial also harks back to OMEGA’s historic ALASKA I prototype, created as part of a secret NASA project to design the ultimate space watch. The white dial was chosen for its superior thermal reflection coefficient, a crucial factor in the harsh conditions of space. The inclusion of the red Speedmaster name is a subtle tribute to the protective red case that encased the original ALASKA I watch.

Craftsmanship and Design

Beyond its striking dial, the new Speedmaster Moonwatch boasts impeccable craftsmanship and design. The 42mm stainless steel case is paired with a vintage-inspired stainless steel bracelet featuring five arched links per row, blending classic aesthetics with modern comfort. For those seeking alternative options, the watch is also available with a black micro-perforated leather strap or an anti-bacterial rubber strap, both offering unique styling and practicality.

Performance and Precision

True to its legacy, each timepiece features a black anodized aluminum bezel with the famous “Dot over Ninety” on the tachymeter scale, ensuring accuracy and reliability in timing. Inside, the watch is powered by the Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 3861, the latest iteration of the legendary Calibre 321 trusted by astronauts during lunar missions.


OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch: A Timeless Tribute

With its stunning design, meticulous craftsmanship, and undeniable connection to space exploration, the new OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch with a lacquered white dial stands as a timeless tribute to the pioneering spirit of human achievement beyond Earth’s bounds. As it continues to capture the imagination of watch enthusiasts and space aficionados alike, it reaffirms OMEGA’s legacy as a true pioneer in horology and beyond.

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