The All-New Vespa GTV: A Perfect Blend of Classic Style and Modern Technology

Since its introduction in 2006, the Vespa GTV has been an emblem of timeless classicism within the Vespa family. With its distinctive “faro basso” (low headlight) positioned on the front mudguard and exposed metallic tube handlebar, the GTV pays homage to the iconic Vespa models of yesteryears. Now, in 2023, Vespa presents the revolutionized Vespa GTV, combining its legendary heritage with cutting-edge technology and sporty enhancements. Brace yourself for the most authentic and exhilarating Vespa yet, where tradition meets modernity.

Power and Performance

At the heart of the new Vespa GTV lies the robust 300 hpe (High-Performance Engine), a single-cylinder powerhouse boasting 4-valve timing, liquid cooling, and electronic injection. With an impressive power output of 17.5 kW (23.8 HP), it claims the title of the highest-performing engine ever mounted on a Vespa.

Sporty Styling

The new Vespa GTV embraces a sportier aesthetic, incorporating notable stylistic enhancements seen in the latest GTS range. The sleek LED light clusters, including the iconic low headlight, bring a contemporary touch. The digital instrumentation, maintaining the classic circular shape, now offers advanced functionality through the Vespa MIA connectivity system, available as an accessory. The aggressive-looking top fairing, adorned with three horizontal slots, exudes racing inspiration. For those seeking an even bolder appearance, an optional orange-colored top fairing is available.

Attention to Detail

Every aspect of the Vespa GTV showcases meticulous craftsmanship and unrivaled build quality. The signature “necktie” on the leg shield features sporty lateral slots, complemented by orange-edged decorations. The newly designed five-spoke wheel rims, painted matte black with orange graphics on the channel, add a touch of sophistication. The two-tone single-seater saddle, reminiscent of racing aesthetics, and the installation-ready rear part create a distinct character. Moreover, the seating, approved for two passengers, offers utmost comfort with its technical pattern, horizontal thermobonding, and contrasting orange stitching.

Unleashing the Sporty Spirit

The Vespa GTV distinguishes itself with striking matt black trim, accentuating the low headlight, rear taillight assembly, body perimeter, passenger grab handle, footrests, silencer cover, rearview mirrors, support, and instrumentation frame. Available in two captivating color schemes, Beige Avvolgente Opaco and Nero Convinto, the GTV features contrasting orange graphics on the front fairing and sides, enhancing its allure.

Unleashing Technology

Embracing the Vespa GTS family’s penchant for technology and travel, the Vespa GTV incorporates perfect Vespa ergonomics, providing unmatched comfort and control. The introduction of a keyless system eliminates the need for a traditional key, allowing easy ignition activation. The LCD instrumentation offers a comprehensive display of trip information, including maximum speed, average speed, current and average consumption, range, and battery charge state. When connected to a smartphone via the optional VESPA MIA accessory, the GTV provides notifications for calls, messages, and music. Additional features include a standard USB port in the leg shield storage compartment and a spacious under-seat compartment with a mat.

Safety First

The Vespa GTV prioritizes safety with standard features like the ASR electronic traction control and an ABS anti-lock braking system. These advanced technologies ensure a secure and stable riding experience, instilling confidence on the road.

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