BenQ SW272U and SW272Q PhotoVue Photography Monitors

With the launch of their latest generation PhotoVue monitors, the SW272U and SW272Q, BenQ takes perfection to new heights. These 27-inch 4K and 2K monitors feature exclusive Fine-Coating panel technology, certified color quality, and a range of innovative features that cater specifically to the needs of photographers and color experts.

Enhanced Color Quality

BenQ’s PhotoVue monitors utilize their proprietary AQCOLOR Technology, ensuring individually factory-calibrated color accuracy that goes above and beyond industry standards. The addition of the new Fine-Coating panel, certified by TÜV Rheinland, provides a reflection-free performance similar to working on paper. When coupled with BenQ’s Paper Color Sync software, these monitors achieve an impressive 99% coverage of Adobe RGB, DCI-P3, and Display P3 wide color gamuts with outstanding ΔE ≤ 1.5 color accuracy.

Unparalleled Color Performance

To further enhance color performance, BenQ’s third-generation Uniformity and Color Consistency technologies ensure precise colors throughout the entire display. With high-precision adjustments made to hundreds of sub-regions of the screen, these monitors offer perfect color matching across multiple displays, delivering a seamless and consistent viewing experience.

Certified for Perfection

The PhotoVue SW272U and SW272Q monitors have received certification from Pantone® Validated, Pantone® SkinTone, and CalMan Verified for their exceptional color performance and calibration capabilities. For hardware calibration, BenQ’s exclusive Palette Master Ultimate software, highly regarded among color professionals, provides powerful and intuitive color management. Moreover, these monitors are fully compatible with Calman, Colorspace, and other third-party calibration solutions commonly used in the photography and videography industries.

Optimized Design and Connectivity

The new-generation PhotoVue models feature a detachable shading hood bridge, allowing for both standalone and multiple hooded monitor setups, catering to various user preferences. The monitors have been thoughtfully designed to provide the best-in-class creative experience, including a leatherette pad at the base for safely placing digital cameras, calibrators, and other devices. Additionally, with USB-C connectivity and 90W power delivery, these monitors offer convenient and efficient connectivity options for seamless integration into your workflow.

Unleash the Power of Collaboration

Recognizing the importance of collaboration in color-critical industries, BenQ has partnered with Pantone® to provide an exceptional experience to color professionals. With the purchase of the new PhotoVue monitors, users will receive a one-year free subscription to Pantone Connect Premium. This subscription allows photographers, video editors, and designers to easily share accurate color palettes and collaborate with team members, clients, marketers, and printers through the cloud using a mobile app.

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