New Leica M6

Leica Camera AG, the company responsible for the first 35mm camera, and the sole manufacturer of new 35mm analog rangefinder cameras continues its commitment to film photography with the release of the new Leica M6.

The return of the Leica M6 is aligned with the renaissance of analog photography, witnessed by professionals and enthusiasts alike. With the new edition of this legendary rangefinder camera, Leica is now fulfilling the wishes of younger audiences in particular, who want to experience being an active part in the photographic creative process. Today, the Leica M6 continues to offer exactly the right equipment to focus on the essentials when taking pictures.

The Leica M6 from 2022 relies on a modern version of the Leica M rangefinder with a 0.72x magnification. Furthermore, all of its optical surfaces are now coated and thus less sensitive to stray light. The light meter in the latest M6 now shows the correct exposure via a red dot in addition to the two arrow symbols originally used. Additionally, it is equipped with a battery warning indicator. The top cover has been redesigned: while the cover of the preceding model was made of die-cast zinc, it is now milled from solid brass and enhanced with an abrasion-resistant black lacquer.

Like the original from 1984, the new edition of the Leica M6 is also adorned with the red Leitz logo.

The Leica M6 remains true to itself and preserves all other typical character traits such as the slanted rewind crank for the film. Recent achievements such as the optimized rangefinder, however, ensure even more functionality. Handmade in Germany, it is an extremely reliable companion for all those who appreciate the lasting and contemplative nature of analog photography.

The Leica M6 is priced at $5,295 and will be available in the United States at Leica Stores, Leica Boutiques, and Leica Online Store starting November 3, 2022.

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