New Balance TWO WXY v4

The New Balance TWO WXY v4 basketball shoe is engineered to empower two-way players with innovative technology and performance-enhancing features, offering them a distinct advantage on the court.

The new TWO WXY v4 showcases groundbreaking technology by combining FuelCell and Fresh Foam, delivering an exceptional blend of rebound and cushioning. FuelCell technology ensures explosive energy return with every step, providing a dynamic experience for players. Meanwhile, Fresh Foam offers unmatched cushioning for superior comfort throughout the game. The shoe’s lightweight textile upper construction not only reduces weight but also maintains crucial support and breathability. Whether you’re taking the game-winning shot or locking down the opposition, the TWO WXY v4 equips players to perform at their peak.

New Balance Basketball boldly presents the TWO WXY as a game-changer, and it continues to be endorsed by NBA star Jamal Murray. Jamal’s electrifying playing style, extraordinary athleticism, and unwavering dedication align perfectly with the TWO WXY’s mission to elevate the performance of two-way players.

During the upcoming 2023 NBA season, New Balance athletes, including Jamal Murray, Tyrese Maxey, Dejounte Murray, Darius Bazley, and Aaron Nesmith, will sport the New Balance TWO WXY v4 on the hardwood. The inaugural colorway, “Dualism,” draws inspiration from the versatile two-way player and emphasizes the absence of weaknesses on the court. Other standout color options, such as “My City” and “Metal Mal,” pay homage to Denver’s retro color palette with a contemporary twist, reflecting Jamal’s passion for video games and his invincible feeling during hot streaks.

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