Marex 330 Scandinavia

The new Marex 330 Scandinavia was designed as a smaller version of the Marex flagship – Marex 375 and because the next version of the previous Marex Scandinavia. It’s a totally planning boat. The hull and deck are completely new.

To satisfy different markets and varied wants, the boat will be delivered with both a single or a double engine, each shaft or sterndrives. The cruising speed is from 23 to 30 knots and the top speed is from 28 to 38 depending on the engine power chosen. When properly enclosed the 330 Scandinavia is warm and makes the summertime season last longer in the northern areas at the identical time can easily be cooled with a large air conditioner in warmer climates. The boat has a soft roof in the aft and a front hardtop. The canopy solution is absolutely the quickest available on the market – it’s a sliding roof system with the side curtains stored in the targa arch. Only a minute from a completely closed to a fully open boat.

A double dashboard can fulfill all today’s needs for all sorts of instrumentation. It also has integration for iPad and related devices. Our efficient solar panels can optionally be mounted on the roof with as much as 900 watts of charging power – enough to keep the boat without shore connection over a long time period even with the fridge and freezer completely on. The roof comes with an optional mounting rack for the adventurous. A spot for bicycles as well as paddleboards or kayaks. The front deck’s sunbed will be thrown to the water as a floating, for kids and parents to play on as their very own private beach.

The co-pilot seat can flip over in order that the passengers can enjoy sitting in the driving course and having fun with the trip in the saloon area. Cooking services are actually spacious, even for essentially the most passionate gourmets. In addition, the aft a part of the boat will be outfitted with a large grill. The aft sitting group will be delivered with many choices like an additional fridge, ice-makers, additional sitting bench, storage, or just open space.

It’s generous in space, standing height and it additionally gives way for a huge front master bed in the front cabin. The mid-cabin is spacious as effectively and has enough room for 2 people to sleep and reside comfortably. As several marinas and lakes have restrictions on size – the 330 Scandinavia will be delivered with either a long or a short bathing platform.

Marex has been awarded the European Powerboat of the Year 2022 Award, which is the boating alternative of the Oscars. Again Marex has been chosen to be the best boat in Europe below 40 foot. Marex received the award for its’ new model: Marex 330 Scandinavia.

Marex 330 Scandinavia Technical Data

  • Length (short version): 9,99 M
  • Length (long version): 10,49 M
  • Beam: 3,40 M
  • Depth (single engine): 1,10 M
  • Depth (twin engine): 0,90 M
  • Displacement (light): 5500 KG
  • Displacement (max): 7430 KG
  • Crew: 8

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