LG Duobo Capsule Coffee Machine

Imagine being able to create and savor your own unique coffee blends. With DUOBO’s dual-capsule extraction system, the possibilities are endless. This cutting-edge technology allows for two-shot layered blending, ensuring you get the exact flavor and strength you desire. Take full control of your brewing process through the DUOBO mobile app, where you can fine-tune temperature and pressure to cater to your individual preferences.

Endless Coffee Adventures Await!

At LG Labs, the spirit of exploration fuels creativity. Inspired by the wonders of space, DUOBO’s sleek and elegant design resembles a futuristic space probe. It’s more than just a coffee machine; it embodies the vision of discovering new and intriguing flavors, even a “taste of space”! In a nod to history, DUOBO’s launch on July 20 commemorates the momentous occasion of Apollo 11’s first moon landing in 1969.

The Full HD IPS Display: Your Coffee Companion

DUOBO takes coffee brewing to a whole new level with its integrated full HD IPS display. As your coffee is extracted, enjoy a captivating experience with access to exclusive animations and coffee-related content. This immersive feature adds an extra layer of enjoyment, making your coffee journey not only delightful but also informative.

A Collaboration of Barista Experts

To showcase the exceptional features of DUOBO, LG Labs partnered with six of the world’s top baristas, including previous winners of prestigious barista championships. At a captivating event in New York’s stylish Soho district, these skilled baristas demonstrated the ease of using DUOBO, crafting delightful blends, and discussing the unique benefits of LG’s dual-capsule system.

Kickstart Your Coffee Adventure!

Get ready to be part of the coffee revolution as DUOBO launches on Kickstarter starting July 20.

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