JBL Spinner BT Turntable

In a harmonious fusion of vintage charm and contemporary convenience, JBL has introduced its latest innovation, the Spinner BT Bluetooth-enabled turntable. This audacious piece not only pays homage to the nostalgic appeal of vinyl but also seamlessly integrates modern wireless technology for a captivating listening experience.

The Spinner BT effortlessly syncs with portable speakers, soundbars, or headphones via Bluetooth, liberating music enthusiasts from the constraints of wires while ensuring an authentic auditory feast. Its aptX™ HD encoding preserves the rich, genuine sound of vinyl records, promising an immersive journey through one’s music collection.

Distinguished by its eye-catching aesthetics, the unit flaunts a sleek design featuring an aluminum platter and tonearm, set against a black MDF plinth adorned with striking gold or JBL orange accents. Complemented by a contemporary front panel and a hinged dust cover, the turntable adds a touch of sophistication to any space.

This versatile gadget offers both wireless and wired connectivity options. Its analog output with a switchable moving magnet phono stage caters to traditional component audio systems or active loudspeakers, appealing to both purists and those embracing modern setups.

At the heart of the Spinner BT’s functionality lies its precision. Locked at 33 1/3 rpm for LPs and 45 rpm for EPs and singles, the turntable’s speed sensor ensures pitch-perfect playback from the belt-driven aluminum platter. The tonearm, equipped with a top-notch Audio Technica moving magnet cartridge pre-installed on a removable headshell, guarantees easy replacement and upgrades for audiophiles seeking enhanced performance.

Furthermore, the turntable’s feet are meticulously designed to reduce vibration, safeguarding the integrity of cherished vinyl records and enhancing the overall listening experience.

Carsten Olesen, President of Consumer Audio at HARMAN, spoke enthusiastically about the Spinner BT, emphasizing its embodiment of music appreciation and vinyl culture. “The turntable provides listeners with an instant wireless connection to their record collections,” Olesen stated, “allowing them to relish their albums without compromising the distinctive vinyl sound.”

Available in captivating Black & Gold and Black & Orange colorways, the JBL Spinner BT is now accessible for €399.99 via jbl.com, inviting music aficionados to indulge in a seamless blend of nostalgia and cutting-edge technology.

Key Features of the JBL SPINNER BT Turntable

Bluetooth with AptX-HD: Effortless pairing with Bluetooth speakers or headphones, ensuring a genuine connection to one’s record collection with superior sound quality via AptX-HD encoding.

Vibrant Design: A visually striking representation of the emotional resonance and joy that vinyl brings, fostering a deeper connection to beloved music.

High-Quality Components: Premium aluminum tonearm for precise tracking without compromising the integrity of records.

Removable Headshell: Easily replaceable and upgradable cartridge setup, enhancing customization options for audiophiles.

Aluminum Platter and Belt Drive: Precision-driven platter ensuring perfect playback at 33⅓ rpm for albums and 45 rpm for EPs and singles.

High-Quality Moving Magnet Cartridge Pre-installed: Instant use out of the box with a high-grade cartridge meticulously aligned for optimal performance.

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