InMotion Challenger Electric Unicycle

The InMotion Challenger Electric Unicycle is driven by a high torque motor that produces a rated power of 4500W and a peak power of 10000W, allowing it to reach an impressive top speed of 140km/h, making it the fastest unicycle ever built.

What sets the Challenger apart is its ability to generate an incredible 300N·m of torque, enabling it to conquer inclines of up to 45° with ease. It uses redundant hall sensor systems to ensure precise motor control, and in case one fails, the other can take over to prevent any cutouts from happening.

The Challenger is also equipped with a Smart BMS that uses advanced algorithms to optimize battery capacity and charging cycles for long-term use. The motherboard monitors the status of every parallel cell, ensuring safe and reliable operation. With 42 MOSFETs and 8 AWG phase conductor cables, overload issues are never a concern, as there is always enough safety margin under any extreme condition.

The MOSFETs are installed directly on a thermal conductive board that measures 7.9 inches by 3.5 inches (200mm x 90mm), and two independent fans keep the board cool. The Challenger is well-sealed and has an IPX5 waterproof rating, so you can ride worry-free in any weather condition.

Adjustable pedals allow riders to adapt the unicycle to their needs for a more comfortable ride. A smart LCD touch screen offers customization options at just a tap, allowing users to make the experience truly their own.

The Challenger also features a smart speed alarm system that alerts riders by showing speed in different colors, helping them maintain a safe riding speed. With a modular design concept, maintenance is made easy, and the whole process can be completed in just 30 minutes.

Equipped with dual charging ports, the Challenger can be fully charged in just 3 hours, which is twice as fast as normal charging. With all these features, the INMOTION Challenger Electric Unicycle is truly a remarkable piece of technology that sets a new standard for unicycles.

InMotion Challenger Electric Unicycle Specs

  • Typical Range: 90-140km
  • Max. Lift Speed:140km/h
  • Max. Slope: 45°
  • Charging Time: 6hrs(with single 5A charge), 3hrs(with two 5A chargers)
  • Motor Power(Rated): 4500W
  • Motor Power(Peak): 10000W
  • Max. Torque: 300N· m
  • Length * Width * Height: 579 * 274 * 731 mm
  • Net Weight: 53.2kg
  • Gross Weight: ≈64kg
  • Max. Payload: 130kg
  • IP Rating: IP55

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