Horizon 7.8 AT Studio Treadmill

Should you’re trying to get extra cardio into your exercise routine, one staple machine you are more likely to encounter is the treadmill. In the winter months, a treadmill is a good option when the weather puts you off heading out for a run and if you do not have a treadmill in your house fitness center, however are contemplating adding one, we all know that it is no small investment.

Horizon 7.8 at Studio Treadmill

Engineered for a better connected fitness experience with Bluetooth Smart technology and unique features that support streaming workouts. Easily adjust speed & incline with exclusive QuickDial™ controls and the 4.0 CHP motor with Rapid Sync technology. Enjoy full integration with Zwift and other heart-rate based training apps with the included heart-rate chest strap. Crush your goals with the integrated Sprint 8 HIIT program. All on a durable 60” deck with 3-zone cushioning that will stand up to your hardest workouts.

Rapid Sync Motor

Power your workouts with a 4.0 Continuous-Duty Horsepower motor and 500 lb thrust incline motor. Together, they create the most responsive drive system available in a treadmill. That means faster changes and a smoother, more efficient run.

The Johnson Digital Drive System featuring Rapid Sync™ Technology ensures no lags or delays between speed and incline changes. It responds 33% faster than other treadmill motors, so you’ll never fall out of step with a fast-paced interval running class.



  • Highly-responsive QuickDial™ controls and one-touch Interval Keys simplify speed and incline changes, and help you can keep pace with Peloton, Studio.live and other streaming fitness apps
  • Connect directly to Peloton with the included Bluetooth chest strap
  • One of the best treadmills of 2019 according to RUNNER’S WORLD magazine
  • Clear view of workout data on 9.3” full color display with multiple options for phone and tablet placement
  • Change your playlist without breaking your stride with in-reach media controls
  • Stream on-demand fitness classes and entertainment with integrated speakers, track your heart rate and more with advanced Bluetooth connectivity
  • Powerful, 4.0 HP motor has 33% faster speed and incline changes, perfect for interval training
  • Rugged frame built for performance and durability with 3-Zone cushioned deck
  • Expansive 22 x 60″ running surface provides ample room for hard sprints and HIIT workouts

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