Happier Camper Traveler

Happier Camper Traveler, you can go anywhere without sacrificing comfort or versatility. The Traveler is a light travel trailer that has been optimized to provide you with the flexibility you need to work, relax, and enjoy life on the road. With two dedicated living spaces and an integrated bathroom & kitchenette, the traveler is unlike any other custom travel trailer in its class.

Happier Camper Traveler Features

Adaptiv® Floor Plan

Using our Adaptiv® technology, you can customize and reconfigure the Traveler’s two living spaces into an office, dining area, sleeping quarters, or lounge space in minutes.

Adaptiv® Components

Convert the Traveler’s living spaces using a unique floor grid and easy-to-move modular pieces. The pieces are built from durable, lightweight materials, double as storage, and can be stacked, leaned, or used as outdoor furniture.

Durable Components

The Traveler’s 100% fiberglass double hull shells, honeycomb floor grid, custom hardware, and durable components are handmade and built to last. Fiberglass exhibits less expansion or contraction due to temperature changes than wood, metal, and other materials commonly found in our competitors’ campers. It also has a high strength-to-weight ratio, enabling Happier Camper to build durable yet light travel trailers. Less weight means less fuel consumption, lowering travel costs.


The Traveler comes equipped with modern conveniences such as wrap-around shelves with inlaid mood lighting, a water heater, several power choices, and an optional air conditioning unit.

Solar Energy Package

With optional solar packages, climate control, eco-friendly bathroom features, and a fuel-friendly lightweight design, the Traveler is an ideal companion to take you further.

Water Storage Options

The Traveler comes equipped with 17-gallon freshwater and gray-water tanks. These tanks help manage the water supply for the kitchenette, shower, and sinks. The dry flush toilet helps keep you off the grid for longer, making the Traveler an ideal off-road or boondocking trailer.

Key Features

  • Lightweight (Under 2,500 lbs loaded)
  • Towable by standard cars & SUVs
  • Fully equipped for cross-country travel
  • Full kitchenette & bathroom options
  • High-quality fiberglass construction
  • Semi-modular interior
  • All-season insulation, hot water, and heater
  • Robust power system, solar-ready
  • Built to last & handcrafted


  • Dry Weight: ~1800 LBS
  • Avg. Weight: ~2500 LBS
  • Tongue Weight: 220 LBS
  • Shell Length: 14′
  • Exterior Height: 8′
  • Overall Length: 17′
  • Inside Width: 6′ 5″
  • Inside Width at Bed: 6′ 5″
  • Inside Height: 6′ 5″
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 3500 LBS
  • Panoramic Windows: 5
  • Walkable Floor Space: 85 SF

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