Flock Hill Homestead – Warren & Mahoney

Elevated within a valley alone in the landscape, the Homestead is settled within 36,000 acres on a high-country station. Flock Hill Station itself derives its name from these rock formations. Our design celebrates and references the early habitation of the landscape by adopting an architecture that consists of heavy masonry elements embedded in the landscape.

The most striking and recognizable feature of the area around Flock Hill Station is the famous limestone rock formations jutting out of the landscape – named Castle Hill. For Ngāi Tahu, it was an important stopover point on journeys to the West Coast, and a seasonal food-gathering place. The numerous rock overhangs were used for shelter.

The homestead is designed to be used in a fluid way, with an almost continuous connection between internal and external spaces. All spaces are arranged in a single linear strip, ensuring the views over Lake Pearson and Sugar Loaf beyond are never lost.

Internally, the material palette is intentionally restrained – with only tinted concrete cast in slim layers, limestone flooring, and timber used to frame the spectacular views.

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