Victorinox x Off-White Swiss Army Knife Limited Edition

The co-created Swiss Army Knife brings together the best of both brands and ingeniously combines Victorinox expertise and its brand values of functionality, quality, innovation, and iconic design with the creativity and boldness of Off-White™.

The design of the blades represents the shapes of ancient tools made from stone and used for cutting, drilling, skinning, and other tasks in prehistoric times. The blades’ rounded edges slightly protrude from the corpus of the pocket knife giving this limited edition an absolutely unique look. Besides the extraordinary shape of the blades, the silhouette of the single tools, when positioned in the correct order next to each other, resembles a fig leaf. This allusion to Adam and Eve is linked to the core concept of beginnings. Limited to 3’000 pieces only worldwide, sequential numbering is engraved on the blade and makes every limited piece one of a kind.

The theme of the ancient stone tool is also represented by a completely new material which has never previously been used on a Swiss Army Knife. Corian® Solid Surface is a solid, nonporous, homogeneous surfacing material, composed of resin and natural minerals. These minerals are composed of aluminum trihydrate, derived from bauxite, an ore from which aluminum is extracted. Bauxite is a sedimentary rock with a relatively high aluminum content. The Corian® scales are like a real stone to the touch, accentuated by their weight, matt surface, and resilience to scratches and wear.

The scales are white, complemented by black prints. On the front scale, the Victorinox Cross & Shield logo and further iconic symbols representing the heritage of the brand are imprinted, along with the name and the year of this limited edition. On the back scale, a series of images represents the evolution from stone to tool.


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