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Perched on the cliffs of Esplanade Road, overlooking the beautiful serrated coastline of Fistral Bay, a new residence stands tall. It’s a unique combination of home and workspace for its owners, and the design brief for this project was clear – to create a minimalist and inventive space using only a few carefully chosen materials.

The three-story residence features a single-pitch zinc roof that’s bright-rolled and untainted. The facade is marked by a horizontal ‘plimsoll’ line, paying homage to the former roofline, creating a stunning contrast between the roughcast render at lower levels and the smooth render above. The use of textured lime render with silver metals is a nod to the refinement of British seaside architecture, giving the building a monolithic and modest feel.

The architects were tasked with creating something special out of everyday fixtures and objects, bringing the utilitarian and industrial aesthetic into a domestic setting. Inside, the building celebrates the local materials, featuring bare concrete blocks that reveal the beauty of the stonemasonry of the region. The exposed galvanized contuits, ductwork, and industrial light fittings add to the raw and truthful feel of the unembellished infrastructure that powers the building.

The tiered terrace garden that surrounds the house is a masterpiece in its own right, designed to complement minimalist architecture. It provides stunning views of the bay and creates a seamless transition between the inside and outside spaces.

The Esplanade residence is a minimalist architectural marvel that combines function and beauty in a unique and inventive way. The use of a minimal material palette, the stunning horizontal ‘plimsoll’ line, and the incorporation of local materials and industrial fixtures all come together to create a space that’s both refined and honest. This building is a perfect example of how architecture can be used to celebrate the beauty of simplicity and create a unique sense of place.

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