DJI Osmo Action 4

Equipped with a powerful 1/1.3″ image sensor, a wide f/2.8 aperture, and 2.4μm-equivalent pixel size, it can shoot 4K/120fps, ensuring your footage is loaded with exceptional detail, even in low light. The 155° ultra-wide FOV allows you to capture expansive shots that truly immerse your audience in the action. Plus, with features like 360° HorizonSteady stabilization modes and the advanced 10-bit D-Log M color mode, the camera provides over one billion colors and a wider dynamic range, giving you the creative freedom to enhance your footage during post-production.

Robust Battery for Extreme Filming

You can film for over 2.5 hours without interruption, ensuring you capture all those heart-pounding experiences. And when it’s time to recharge, the fast-charging capability brings the battery up to 80% in just 18 minutes. Worried about extreme temperatures affecting your battery performance? Fear not, as the Osmo Action 4’s battery is built to withstand low temperatures down to -20°C (-4°F), perfect for your adventurous escapades.

Versatile Features for Effortless Recording

Designed with intuitive features, the Osmo Action 4 makes recording a breeze. The magnetic quick-release design lets you swiftly switch between setups to capture every moment as it unfolds. With native vertical shooting capabilities, you can film vertical footage effortlessly without sacrificing quality. The dual water-stain resistant touchscreens eliminate struggles when making parameter adjustments during selfies or video playback. Plus, customizable modes and the Quick Switch button allow seamless transitions between shooting modes, ensuring you’re always ready to capture the action.

Enhanced Recording Capabilities for Seamless Broadcasts

Recording audio in various environments is made easier with the Osmo Action 4’s built-in microphones and external connection support. Stereo recording delivers crisp, clear sound, while the advanced wind noise reduction software ensures audio fidelity even in challenging conditions. With Wi-Fi livestreaming capability, connecting with your audience is seamless. And for longer streams, use an external power supply to keep the action going without interruption.

AI Editing with the LightCut App

Taking your footage to the next level is effortless with the LightCut app, which wirelessly connects to the Osmo Action 4 via Wi-Fi. With various story templates and in-app editing tools, you can preview and auto-edit footage without transferring it from the camera. LightCut can recognize themes within the footage and recommend an ideal shot sequence, allowing you to effortlessly create superb 4K/60fps videos. The app also provides exclusive templates for various adventure scenarios, from biking and diving to vlogging and travel, making your editing process a breeze.

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