Delfast California eBike

Delfast, Inc., introduced “Delfast California,” a fun, versatile, smart e-bike for everyday riding. The Delfast California e-bike blends a hyper-intelligent onboard computer, the power of a 750W mid-drive motor, and the grace and balance of the first U-frame in the industry, resulting in an e-bike unlike anything else on the market.


Delfast California is a Class 3 e-bike with a powerful 750W motor that can climb hills, accelerate faster than its competitors, and reach a top speed of 28 miles per hour. It offers a range of up to 100 miles on a single charge and a removable Samsung lithium-ion battery with a 4-hour charge time.


Delfast California is the industry’s first U-frame e-bike. At 66 lbs., it is lighter and smaller than many e-bikes on the market and features a step-through design making it easier to get on and off of. Designed for everyone, it fits riders from 5 ft to 6 ft 3 in and upwards of 264 lbs. Its comfortable seat and super-soft DNM full suspension deliver a comfort-first ride on any terrain. The motor and battery are placed at the base of the lightweight U-frame, optimizing its center of gravity and balance for easy handling and control at every turn. The Delfast California’s versatility allows it to be used as a daily rider whether running errands, commuting to work or school, exercising, or spending time with friends.


With a fully connected app, display, controller, systems, and parts, the Delfast California is a hyper-intelligent CPU that seamlessly syncs all components of the e-bike in real time. It functions as a single organism and delivers data to a rider’s fingertips.


Delfast California features location tracking, automatic immobilization, Bluetooth lock and unlock, battery lock, and a customizable alarm that sounds if the e-bike is moved without permission.

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