Cyetus Cubic Espresso

The Cyetus Cubic Espresso is a versatile, semi-automatic coffee machine that effectively grinds and extracts coffee, and also steams milk, making it a solid option for home brewers.

Featuring an easy-to-use LCD display, users can freely choose from a variety of options, including different shot sizes, duration of grinds, and water temperatures. There are 15 grind settings to select from, enabling users to select an extra fine grind or coarse grind as they prefer. Whether it is French-press, drip, or fresh-brewed, the Cyetus Cubic Espresso allows you to create your ideal cup, easily.

It’s commercial-sized 58mm portafilter holds more ground and ensures even water dispersion, working in tandem with a 15 bar pressure pump to deliver a rich aroma.

A Swiss-made Hall Pulse Flowmeter enables a consistent brew by precisely controlling the water temperature during brewing, while a single-hole steam rod creates a smooth blanket of steamed milk foam, providing a delicate finish to one’s latte.


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