Converse x pgLang

The partnership, which showcases the innovative spirit of Kendrick Lamar and his long-time collaborator Dave Free’s multidisciplinary company, pgLang, is set to debut a unique and chance-driven experience for sneaker enthusiasts.

Founded in 2020, pgLang has made a significant mark in the entertainment industry with its diverse offerings, including a record label, production house, and publishing house, all guided by a compelling mission: to tell stories that transcend language and foster connections among people, even embracing a bit of luck.

The second installment of this exciting collaboration reintroduces a minimalist interpretation of the iconic Chuck 70, this time in an elegant black colorway with two intriguing variations. Upon close inspection, subtle yet distinctive differences become apparent between the two pairs. One features Converse Navy pinstriping on the left shoe and Irish Cream on the right, while the other showcases Irish Cream pinstriping on the left and Converse Red on the right.

The pgLang for Converse Chuck 70 doesn’t just stop at aesthetics. It also brings back the hiking-style eyelets adorning the upper, and an asymmetrical rubber varnish, adding a touch of edginess to the design. Further emphasizing pgLang’s mission of transcending language, messages and graphics on the insole and outsole serve as nods to the brand’s creative philosophy.

As a true blend of Converse’s timeless style and pgLang’s innovative spirit, the collaboration includes an embossed “pgLang for” declaration just above the Chuck ankle patch on the canvas upper. This partnership is more than just sneakers; it’s a creative exploration of fashion and storytelling.

To make things even more exciting, when ordering the pgLang for Converse Chuck 70 on, customers will be in for a surprise. They will randomly receive one of the two new variations of the shoe, adding an element of chance and intrigue to this already captivating collaboration.

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