Casio GM-B2100GD-9A Full Metal

Casio Computer Co., Ltd. has recently unveiled the latest addition to their G-SHOCK collection of shock-resistant watches, the GM-B2100GD-9A. The new model features a full-metal design with an iconic octagonal bezel and is available in a stunning yellow-gold hue.

The 2100 line of G-SHOCK watches was first introduced in 2019, with the GA-2100 digital-analog combination model, which presented a contemporary interpretation of the very first G-SHOCK. The line has since become a global favorite, known for its distinctive octagonal bezel and slim, simple design. In August 2022, Casio released the GM-B2100, which used stainless steel for the exterior components, including the bezel, band, and screw-back case.

The new GM-B2100GD-9A model is shock-resistant and boasts a glittering yellow-gold hue, adding a fresh color option to the GM-B2100 line. Yellow-gold IP is applied to the bezel and band, as well as the side buttons and screws, enhancing the overall appearance of the watch. The top surface of the bezel is finished with a hairline texture, while the sides are polished with a mirror finish, creating a stunning contrast.

The watch features accents in a hue similar to yellow gold on the index marks and hands, which pop against the black dial, giving the watch a chic impression. The yellow-gold color adds a subtle yet distinctive character, making the watch versatile enough to coordinate with any outfit, whether casual or formal.

The GM-B2100GD-9A is not only stylish but also practical, with a Tough Solar charging system that eliminates the need to replace the battery regularly. It also features the Mobile Link feature, which enables accurate timekeeping display and easy setting of alarms, world time, and other functions when paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth®. Overall, the new Casio GM-B2100GD-9A is a stunning watch that delivers both style and functionality, making it an excellent addition to any watch collection.

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