Casio G-Shock 4th of July Model DW5600US23-7

This iconic timepiece pays tribute to the United States and the 4th of July celebrations with its eye-catching design and robust features.

A Nod to American Heritage

The DW5600US23-7 draws inspiration from the country that made G-Shock watches a household name. Showcasing a unique Stars and Stripes motif on its bands, this watch is a symbol of American pride. Additionally, the silver bezel adds a touch of sophistication to the overall design.

Embrace the Unbreakable Spirit

The DW5600US23-7 is not just a fashion statement; it embodies the unyielding spirit and enduring legacy that G-Shock watches represent. With its shock-resistant structure, this timepiece can withstand the most rugged of adventures. It’s a reminder to challenge your limits and never give up.

The Allure of the “Star-Spangled Banner” Backlight

Prepare to be dazzled when you hit the light button on the DW5600US23-7. The special EL backlight reveals a hidden “Star-Spangled Banner” image, paying homage to the national anthem. It’s a delightful surprise that adds a touch of magic to this already extraordinary watch.

Stainless Steel Case Back

The DW5600US23-7 features a stainless steel case back adorned with a meticulously engraved eagle. This intricate detail further highlights the watch’s connection to American heritage and adds a touch of elegance to the timepiece.

Functionality Meets Style

While the DW5600US23-7 is a tribute to the 4th of July, it remains a versatile watch suitable for everyday wear. Its impressive features include a 1/100-second stopwatch, countdown timer, multi-function alarm, and EL backlight. Whether you’re timing a workout or keeping track of important events, this watch has you covered.

Special Packaging

To complete the experience, Casio has designed special packaging that perfectly complements the watch’s unique aesthetic. The packaging reflects the attention to detail and thoughtfulness that went into creating this limited-edition timepiece.

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