A24 is a prefabricated 225 sq. ft Cabin. Accessible in two dimension variants, the Cabin expresses a strong visual and spatial connection with its context and architectural identity. The Cabin comes fully furnished with a Bathroom, Kitchenette and Living space with adequate storage. Excellent for sites located in the woods, the mountains, or along the shore.

The cabin form and design stems from the desire to celebrate a strong architectural identity while ensuring efficiency and performance of every space. The spatial configuration of the cabin consists of a comfy bathroom and a spacious living space. The bathroom is furnished with a washbasin vanity, WC, and a shower enclosure. The Living space consisting of a wardrobe, a kitchenette foyer, and a queen size bed suited for two spatially and visually connects with the exterior natural context. A service space behind the bathroom block accommodates the condenser unit and the geyser amongst different service equipment and conduits ensuring a self-sustained cabin unit.

The modern cabin with its walnut wooden flooring, matte finish interior cladding, carefully crafted furnishings, subtle mellow pendant lights, and a seamless panoramic glass panel compels dwellers to enjoy the stunning natural views beyond from within a luxurious and comfortable setting.

Smaller Variant A-24 was design developed and executed for clients Sunny Watwani and Adithya Roongta of CabinA and built amidst 500 acres of coffee estate for Mr. Vishal Sivappa of Bettagere estate.

Our Cabin Designs are completely manufactured off-site and assembled within a timeframe of simply 4 weeks. Each Cabin is conceptualized as a system of fixed and flexible elements. While the Cabin form, its structural system, and overall layout remain fixed, every different factor such because the furniture, choice of light fittings, sanitary ware, fixtures, furnishing, and materials finishes within the Cabins will be custom-made to higher suit the client’s wishes and wishes.

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