Belassi Burrasca

Infinite temperament requires maximum precision, state-of-the-art technology, and passion to control it. Marine Hypercraft by Belassi combine these attributes in a unique masterpiece that redefines the limits of what’s attainable again and again. The attention to detail is evident in every of the over 2,000 components. The Marine Hypercraft surpasses what it promises on each ride and the mere sight of it stirs waves of pleasure even earlier than it picks up speed. Embark on an adventure the place boundaries are crossed to expand your horizons.

Belassi Burrasca Features

Marine Power Unit 320

Marine Power Unit 320

Type – Marine 3 Cylinder – 4 Stroke Engine Performance – 320 HP, Displacement -1602 CC

  • Turbocharged with water-cooled intercooler, multipoint fuel injection
  • Single scroll, integrated, water-cooled aluminum turbine housing with water-cooled cartridge, wastegate valve and pulse valve control turbo pressure
  • Exhaust system – Water-cooled with water injection
  • Cooling system – Open-loop cooling

Drive Unit

Drive Unit

  • Propulsion system – Direct drive
  • Jet pump – Metal housing, high-efficiency 14-vane stator
  • Impeller – Stainless steel, 3 blades
  • Intake grate – Black stainless steel, hydrodynamically optimized to ensure perfect pump filling
  • Riding plate – Highly durable black aluminum
  • DBS – Dynamic Brake System
  • E-Rev – E-hydraulic Reverse System with axial displacement cylinders
  • Adaptive Trim System
  • Reverse – Reverse flap made of full 3K carbon fiber with forged aluminum brackets

Deck - Color

Deck – Color

  • Handmade deck and hull, made of infused high-performance composite. High-serviceability hood, deck side covers, rear spoiler, and exhaust covers, all and much more made of full 3K carbon fiber.
  • “Racing Red” and “Bright White” high-gloss paint with Burrasca labels
  • Superior quality marine paint
  • Two-color options for the DECK available



  • Integrated GPS sensor for speed and position
  • Soft-touch buttons
  • Bright warning lights
  • Main indicator of boost level
  • Adjustable user indicator
  • Adjustable driving mode
  • User-adjustable screen, compass, g-meter and nozzle indicator, compass screen
  • Warm-up indicator
  • Global symbol bar
  • Cruise control status
  • Auto hold status
  • Reverse indicator

Sport Seat

  • Certified upholstery with very high abrasion resistance for extreme wear
  • Waterproof foam structure
  • Made of infused high-performance 3K-Carbonfiber materials
  • Can be mounted on the Burrasca without additional assembly work (no tools required)

Product price approx. $60,000 and click for detailed information.

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