Automobili Pininfarina B95 Hyper Barchetta

The realm of automotive innovation is taking a thrilling leap forward as Automobili Pininfarina takes center stage at the Monterey Car Week. The awe-inspiring B95 – the world’s inaugural pure-electric, open-top hyper Barchetta. This masterpiece seamlessly blends timeless design with cutting-edge technology, setting the stage for a new era of driving excitement.

A Symphony of Design and Technology

The B95, a true work of art, marries flowing, open-topped bodywork with intricate technical intricacies. It’s a dramatic modern rendition of a classic race car, all powered by pure-electric performance. Embodying the PURA design philosophy, which was brilliantly showcased in the recent PURA Vision concept, the B95 captivates with its elegant silhouette, striking proportions, and a harmonious blend of classic and futuristic elements.

The Birth of an Icon

Monterey Car Week witnesses the world premiere of the B95, gracing the stage alongside the Battista Edizione Nino Farina hyper GT and the acclaimed PURA Vision design concept. Marking the 95th anniversary of Pininfarina SpA, the B95’s limited production will commence in 2025. A mere ten lucky individuals will own these meticulously crafted masterpieces, each one a unique creation born from the collaboration between Automobili Pininfarina’s design team and their discerning clients.

Design that Stirs the Soul

The B95’s design is poetry in motion. Its sweeping bodywork envelopes the senses, with pronounced wheel arches and a high swage line that evokes a sense of power and elegance. The absence of a traditional glasshouse is compensated by a surrounding loop that embraces the cabin, seamlessly incorporating seats, adjustable aero screens, and passenger domes. This visual language, with its four defining lines, draws a clear connection to the earlier PURA Vision concept.

A Glimpse into the Future

The open-top driving experience of the B95 is elevated by the world’s first electronically adjustable aero screens. Inspired by vintage fighter planes, these screens combine form and function, enhancing both comfort and design integrity. For the ultimate driving experience, bespoke helmets can be ordered, perfectly complementing the B95’s performance prowess.

A Palette of Distinctiveness

The B95 showcased at Monterey boasts a metallic Bronzo Superga main body, skillfully contrasted by a Giallo Arneis gloss section at the front. The use of Black Exposed Signature Carbon imparts a striking sculptural effect, while the multi-layered gloss finish adds depth and sophistication. The exterior hues transform dynamically, reflecting golden textures by day and a bronze allure by night.

Interior Opulence

Inside the B95, the meeting of classic race car aesthetics with futuristic design creates an ambiance of opulence and innovation. The concept car-inspired dashboard seamlessly extends the exterior lines into the cabin, echoing the PURA Vision’s signature style. The driver and passenger seats, enveloped in Tan Sustainable Luxury Leather, offer both comfort and protection, a fusion of form and function.

Bespoke Luxury Defined

The B95’s exclusivity extends to its bespoke possibilities. Laser-engraved aluminum door plates, unique for each car, add a touch of theater to entering this hyper Barchetta. These bespoke elements ensure that each of the ten B95 examples will truly be one-of-a-kind, a collector’s dream.

Engineered for Greatness

Behind the scenes, the B95 has been painstakingly developed by Automobili Pininfarina’s team of engineering and manufacturing experts. With over 20 nationalities contributing to the process, the B95 embodies a global fusion of talent and expertise.

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