2024 KTM 990 Duke

The KTM 990 DUKE leaves no room for ambiguity about its intentions. It not only packs a powerful engine but also introduces an entirely new chassis and swingarm design, improved ergonomics, and cutting-edge technology. In essence, it’s sizing up to larger-capacity motorcycles in both displacement and proportions.

From a visual standpoint, the KTM 990 DUKE’s design is nothing short of explosive, frozen in time, and ready to burst into action. This dynamic design is further accentuated by two color options: Black and Electric Orange, with the latter paying homage to 30 YEARS OF DUKE.

At the forefront of this beastly machine, you’ll find a sleek LED headlight that embodies a mix of carefully selected materials to ensure stable lighting in all road conditions. Notably, the headlight features position and daytime running lights, which automatically adjust in intensity based on ambient light conditions, thanks to an integrated light sensor on the dashboard.

Moreover, the KTM 990 DUKE comes with a standard Coming Home light function. This means the headlight remains illuminated for a few seconds after the ignition is turned off, providing riders with essential visibility for tasks like opening doors or navigating in the garage.

The heart of the KTM 990 DUKE is a significantly upgraded version of the LC8c engine, originally found in the KTM 890 DUKE R. With a displacement of 947 cc, this powerhouse has been equipped with new pistons, crankshaft, and conrod, resulting in a remarkable 123 HP and 103 Nm of torque. What’s more, this formidable machine weighs a mere 179 kg in total.

The KTM 990 DUKE proudly inherits its lineage from the iconic DUKE models that came before it, injecting even more vigor and aggression. It is fundamentally a performance-oriented machine, built around a lightweight and agile chassis that instills utmost rider confidence.

True to the DUKE tradition, a rigid trellis frame and a fresh closed-lattice swingarm combine to accommodate high-quality adjustable WP APEX Suspension components. Coupled with track-proven Bridgestone S22 tires, this setup delivers precision and stability akin to a sniper when navigating corners.

The WP APEX Suspension on the KTM 990 DUKE features user-friendly settings, encouraging riders to push their limits comfortably. Upfront, the 43 mm WP APEX Suspension can be precisely tuned with 5 clicks for both rebound and compression. At the rear, the WP APEX Monotube shock absorber is adjustable with 5 clicks, and manual preload adjustment is also available.

Taking a seat on the KTM 990 DUKE, riders are greeted by a 5-inch anti-scratch bonded glass dashboard, providing all the information a DUKE pilot could ever need. The graphics and menu structures have been revamped for faster and more intuitive access to the various features of the KTM 990 DUKE. Among the new features is the Lean Angle data display, along with an optional TRACK Mode complete with a lap timer and telemetry stats. To keep your devices charged, a USB-C connection is also included.

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