2023 Triumph Street Triple 765 Series

New for 2023, the most powerful and poised Street Triple 765 line-up ever, with a major update to the Street Triple R, making this the new definitive new streetfighter, a new Street Triple RS which sets a whole new benchmark for a performance naked sports, and an exclusive limited-run Street Triple 765 Moto2™ Edition – delivering the highest specification and most focused Street Triple ever, and the closest you can get to a Moto2™ racer for the road.

Engine upgrades derived directly from the Moto2™ race engine program result in a significant step up in performance on the new Street Triple R plus category-leading power for the new RS and Moto2™ Edition, with increased torque and improved responsiveness across all three new 765 powered models. Complementing its aggressive new styling, the enhanced ergonomics, and highest-ever specification make this latest generation of the legendary and award-winning Street Triple the most agile and precise handling ever.

Street Triple Moto2™ Edition

Limited to just 765 of each of the two race-inspired color schemes, the 2023 Street Triple 765 Moto2™ Edition completes the new line-up as the highest-specification Street Triple ever. All the new generation’s major step-up in capability and attitude, combined with the class-leading power and torque of the RS, plus an even more engaged and focused ride, courtesy of unique clip-on handlebars and Öhlins fully adjustable forks deliver super-sharp and precise handling for both road and track. Carbon-fibre bodywork, official Moto2™ branding, a unique Moto2™ start-up screen, and an individually numbered top yoke mark this stunning machine out as the ultimate Street Triple.

Thanks to major upgrades derived directly from the Moto2™ race engine program, the 765cc triple engine now delivers a step up in power and performance, at 120PS, for the new Street R, and a category-leading peak power of 130PS on the RS and Moto2™ Edition. Torque is also up across all three models, exhilarating from low down and all the way through the rev range, peaking at a new 80Nm. Being a triple, its blend of usable low and mid-range torque and thrilling top-end performance makes for an exhilarating and characterful ride. The world-renowned engine is more responsive than ever, too – in addition to significant component updates, its shorter gear ratios deliver faster acceleration making this latest generation of Street Triple the sharpest and liveliest yet.

765cc Engine

Learnings taken directly from the Moto2™ race engine program have been applied to the 2023 Street Triple engine, making it more performance-focused and characterful than ever. The compression ratio has been raised from 12.65:1 to 13.25:1 – an increase of 4.7%. New pistons, con-rods, and gudgeon pins are matched to new, optimized combustion chambers for an increased cylinder pressure limit and, ultimately, more power. New valves and camshafts give increased valve lift for improved intake, combustion, and exhaust efficiency, with new gearbox ratios for improved performance and responsiveness.

More Power, Even More, Accessible Torque

The Street Triple’s outstanding performance and top-end power has been taken to the next level for 2023. The R peaks at 120PS at 11,500rpm, whilst The RS and Moto2™ Edition now produce a category-leading 130PS at 12,000rpm, with all three models benefiting from the same usable torque low down in the rev-range and all the way through the mid-range with a notable increase from 7,500rpm onwards. Peak torque of 80Nm arrives at 9,500rpm.

Shorter Gear Ratios

For 2023, the gearbox has been revised to include shorter gear ratios for faster acceleration. Together with a new final drive ratio, the Street Triple is now sharper, livelier and more responsive than ever. Combined with the increase in power and torque, which brings a notable improvement in performance, the Street Triple 765 cements its position as the class benchmark.

Dynamic Ergonomics

The 2023 Street Triple R and RS both benefit from the new generation’s more focused and commanding riding position, thanks to the new 12mm wider handlebars. The race-inspired Moto2™ Edition goes one step further again with clip-on handlebars, that are 80mm lower and 50mm further forward than the R and RS, which combined with its unique high-specification Öhlins forks, delivers even more race bike poise and front-end feel for the most dynamic Street Triple ride ever.

Both the RS and the Moto2™ Edition feature revised geometry with a steeper rake and a raised back end for nimble, faster turning. Still, as surefooted and planted as ever, these improvements sacrifice none of the confidence-inspiring attributes that the Street Triple has become renowned for.

With an accessible seat height of 826mm on the Street Triple R, 836mm on the Street Triple RS, and 839mm Moto2™ Edition, a new accessory low seat option, with 3D net technology for enhanced comfort, can be fitted to reduce the height by a further 28mm on all models. For the Street Triple RS and Moto2™ Edition Triumph dealers can additionally lower the seat by a further 10mm if required through the implementation of a dedicated rear suspension linkage adaption, which when delivered in combination with the accessory low seat provides a very accessible height of 798mm on the RS and 801mm on the Moto2™ Edition.

Brembo Brakes

The Street Triple R features high-quality braking components, with the excellent Brembo M4.32 4-piston radial monobloc calipers at the front and a Brembo single-piston sliding caliper at the rear. For Street Triple RS and Moto2™ Edition, racetrack-capable braking performance comes as standard, with both models coming fitted as standard with top-spec Brembo Stylema 4-piston radial monobloc front calipers with twin 310mm floating discs. A matching Brembo MCS span and ratio adjustable lever give even more control and finesse, while a Brembo single-piston sliding caliper keeps things in check at the rear.

Linked brakes provide the perfect balance of front-to-rear braking for improved stability and reduced stopping distances.

Fully Adjustable Suspension

Complementing the Street Triple’s ground-breaking chassis design, top-quality suspension components from Showa and Öhlins have been carefully selected to suit each model. All are fully adjustable for preload, compression, and rebound.

The Street Triple R comes fitted with Showa 41mm upside down separate function big piston forks and a Showa piggyback reservoir monoshock RSU. For the higher specification Street Triple RS, this comes equipped with top-specification Showa 41mm upside down big piston forks and an Öhlins piggyback reservoir rear shock.

The Street Triple 765 Moto2™ Edition showcases its track-ready capability with its 43mm upside down Öhlins front forks for precise handling and an Öhlins piggyback reservoir rear shock. Front-wheel travel on all models is 115mm, with 131.2mm rear wheel travel on the RS and Moto2™ Edition, and 133.5mm on the Street Triple R.

Track-Ready Tyres

High-performance Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP V3 tyres come fitted as standard to the Street Triple RS and the Moto2™ Edition. These offer racetrack levels of grip and outstanding high-speed stability, all from a fully road-legal tyre.

The Street Triple R comes with versatile and well-regarded Continental ContiRoad tyres, which offer superb levels of grip in both wet and dry road conditions. This makes them the ideal choice for all-season commuting as well as fast road riding.

Lightweight Chassis and Gullwing Swingarm

The Street Triple’s gullwing swingarm has been developed for excellent torsional stiffness with lateral flexibility. The design maximizes stability at higher speeds for enhanced rider confidence while the pivot position provides natural resistance to compressing the rear shock absorber under hard acceleration. This translates into tight corner exits and precise, predictable chassis behavior.

This, combined with its lightweight chassis and incredible power-to-weight ratio, are key to the Street’s class-defining performance. Agile and exhilarating, Triumph’s signature confidence-inspiring handling make it an accessible choice for all riders.

New Optimised Cornering ABS

The latest generation of optimized cornering ABS comes as standard on all three Street Triple models for 2023, ensuring the optimum braking performance at any lean angle. The system features a new ABS modulator with an integrated IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) for more refined ABS control. Tailored settings integrated into each of the riding modes alter the level of ABS intervention, while a track-focused tune is also present for riders seeking minimal ABS intervention.

New Switchable Optimized Cornering Traction Control

Now standard on all three Street Triple models optimized cornering traction control supported by an IMU continuously calculates the lean angle to ensure the optimum slip rate and torque control. Four independently adjustable levels of intervention can be selected to suit riding styles and road conditions, including a track-focused tune with minimal intervention as well as the ability to turn it off altogether, for experienced riders in high-grip racetrack situations.

Upgraded Riding Modes

The new Street Triple R features four riding modes: Road, Rain, Sport, and Rider-configurable. This makes it easy to fine-tune the Street Triple to suit the rider’s preferences.

The Street Triple RS and Moto2™ Edition have five riding modes, adding a Track mode to the R’s four standard modes. This track mode has been designed to be as unintrusive as possible whilst still providing the reassurance that the electronic systems are there to help in unexpected situations.

Each riding mode adjusts the character and behavior of the bike, with new more dynamic throttle maps in Road, Sport, and Track modes for an even more responsive feel. Rain mode restricts the engine power to 100PS while increasing the level of ABS and Traction Control intervention for better feel and control in wet conditions.

5” Full-Color TFT Instruments

The new Street Triple 756 RS and Moto2™ Edition feature 5” full-color TFT instruments, which are angle adjustable for the perfect view, regardless of rider height. The ergonomically optimized switch cubes and five-way joystick offer intuitive system navigation. The My Triumph connectivity system is pre-enabled, meaning that Street Triple owners can access turn-by-turn navigation, phone control, and music operation via the accessory-fit Bluetooth module and free My Triumph app.

A lap timer is included on the RS and Moto2™ Edition for track day use, while the Moto2™ Edition also features a unique and distinctive start-up sequence that displays the official Moto2™ logo. The Street Triple R comes fitted with its own dedicated easy-to-read multi-functional instrument set-up, which includes a TFT display for key information.

Triumph Shift Assist

Triumph’s latest track-ready up-and-down quickshifter is fitted as standard to all three Street Triple models. Ideal for track and fast road riding, upshifts can be made without closing the throttle for a smooth, fast shift that won’t unsettle the bike.

Downshifts can also be made without the use of the clutch and without the need to blip the throttle to match the gear and engine speeds as this process is automatically carried out by the MY23 Street Triple. This feature represents a major riding aid on corner entry, allowing a smooth and controlled deceleration.

Slip and Assist Clutch

Triumph’s slip and assist clutch fitted to all three Street Triple models ensures a light and consistent lever feel for enhanced comfort and control on the road, particularly useful in the stop/start scenario of an urban commute.

Front-Wheel Lift Control

The front-wheel lift control is designed to enhance control while feeling barely noticeable to the rider. Advanced new algorithms continuously monitor signals from the IMU to ensure smoother control and faster progress.

Distinctive All-LED Lighting

Lighting is all-LED across all three models. On the RS and Moto2™ Edition, these feature a distinctively shaped DRL (daytime running light) incorporated into the headlights, where market legislation permits. The Street Triple R features a similarly distinctive lighting signature delivered through position lights. Self-cancelling indicators are fitted as standard.

All-New Bodywork

Completely redesigned for 2022, the Street Triple’s sharper and more focused style is the result of attention to a great number of details. The new 15-liter fuel tank has integrated side panels with an angular design that aligns beautifully with the sharper radiator cowls, further complemented by a new headlight finisher that also incorporates the air intake. Additionally, there’s a new color-coded belly pan for the RS — which is available as an accessory option for the R.

The rear end of the new Street Triple is no less exceptional, with a sporty, upswept design to give a focused, nose-down attitude. The RS features a color-coded seat cowl with an interchangeable pillion seat – making switching between different configurations easy.

The new silencer shape adds to the Street Triple’s aggressive stance as well as accentuating the hair-raising Triumph triple soundtrack.

As the ultimate, race-inspired Street Triple, the Moto2™ Edition features lightweight carbon fibre bodywork including the front mudguard, side panels, headlight finisher, and belly pan. Adding yet more exclusivity and desirability, each of these limited-edition motorcycles has an exquisitely machined top yoke with its number etched onto it. Just 765 of each color scheme will be made, making this the most exclusive, and collectible, Street Triple to date.

New Race-Derived Street Triple Color Schemes

The Street Triple R is available in two contemporary colors: Silver Ice with Storm Grey and Yellow graphics or Crystal White with Storm Grey and Lithium Flame graphics.

For the Street Triple RS, there’s a choice of three bold and distinctive paint schemes; Silver Ice with Baja Orange and Storm Grey graphics, Carnival Red with Carbon Black and Aluminium Silver graphics, or Cosmic Yellow with Carbon Black and Aluminium Silver graphics.

Finally, the Moto2™ Edition comes in two, eye-catching race-derived liveries. Triumph Racing Yellow with an Aluminium Silver rear sub-frame or Crystal White with Triumph Racing Yellow rear subframe. With official Moto2™ branding on the tank, wheel, tail unit, and silencer, these limited-edition machines offer a unique, race-inspired aesthetic as well as a completely new Street Triple riding experience.

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