Vespa 946 10° Anniversario

The Vespa 946 10° Anniversario is a limited edition scooter that is dedicated to the year of the rabbit. Only 1,000 of these scooters will be produced, marking the first stage of a 12-year project where a new annual edition will be introduced each year, inspired by the lunar horoscope animal of that year. The Vespa 946 is considered to be the archetype of Vespa’s future, as it combines the values that have made Vespa a global icon with a contemporary spirit and forward-facing attitude. It is an Italian-made masterpiece and has now become a collector’s item, produced in a dedicated production line that is more akin to an haute couture atelier than a typical assembly line.

This special version of the Vespa 946 is finished in a reworking of the classic Vespa green, symbolizing the love of fun, light-heartedness, and nature that is typical of those born under the rabbit sign. The stylized silhouette of a rabbit can be seen on the body of the scooter. All the details of the Vespa 946 10° Anniversario are made in a refined burnished finish with warm reflections, while the double-upholstered saddle is black with burnished stitching and is sewn by hand with needle and thread, as are the handgrips. It is a truly special and unique scooter that will be a prized possession for any collector.

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