UBCO 2X2 Special Edition Electric Bike

Electric adventure motorcycle manufacturer, UBCO, has launched a limited-run 2X2 Special Edition bike that combines outdoor and urban experiences, catering to the everyday adventurer. The new bike is a contemporary take on the classic utilitarian style bikes not previously seen in the UBCO range. The Special Edition bike is now available in a limited edition green and electric orange color palette, accessorized and designed to offer a comfortable yet durable AWD riding experience.

The SE bike features a revamped braking system, including motorcycle-grade braking pads and larger brake levers. It also has a built-in central tote for easy access to everyday items and a robust rear duffle designed to carry small to extra-large items. The duffle’s side pockets are expandable, providing a flat space for laptop books, pizzas, or other items. The bike also comes with a Peak Design phone mount, offering mechanical locking and magnetic vibration dampening to protect your phone, allowing for one-handed phone attachment and removal. Multi-purpose pronghorn stretch straps, the Giant Loop straps, provide full flexibility to attach and carry items.

UBCO’s 2X2 Special Edition bike combines functionality, durability, and style, providing a unique riding experience for adventurers who want to seamlessly transition from the urban to the outdoor world.

UBCO 2X2 Special Edition Electric Bike Key Features

  • 30mph – 50kph Top speed
  • 156lb – 71kg Weight (with battery)
  • 75mi – 120km Max Range
  • 4-6 hours Charge time (Includes Fast Charger)
  • 3.1 kWh Battery Pack
  • Peak Design Phone mount
  • Centre carry-all (12L)
  • Rear Carry Case (30L)
  • Giant Loop Pronghorn straps™

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