Tamarit Motorcycles Helios

Tamarit Motorcycles has done it again, this time with their latest project, the Helios. This Cafe Racer is a true classic bike with a unique style that stands out from the rest. Hundreds of hours of craftsmanship have gone into developing unique parts for this motorcycle, ensuring it is one of a kind.

The Helios project starts with the engine, which is opened and refurbished with a series of modifications that make it as good as new. The engine undergoes a complete overhaul, including soot cleaning, carbon deposit removal, valve seat adjustment, oversized pistons, grinding cylinders, valve seals, chains drive, and planning cylinder heads. The result is a brand-new engine that performs like a dream.

The carbureted Thruxton 900 and Cafe Racer style are the perfect combination for the Helios. The striking orange color on the motorcycle, along with the hydraulic monocoque, single-seat leather seat embedded in the tank, and custom-made methacrylate front fairing, make the Helios a masterpiece of design.

The cooling system has been upgraded in the Helios project, and the oil cooling is now done through the chassis, which helps to lower the temperature. The exhaust system has also been redesigned, with a dual overhead exhaust system that places the exhaust outlet under the cowl. Additionally, two protective grids have been added in places where the rider may come into contact with the exhaust, making the motorcycle safer to ride.

The Helios also features Victory wheels, 18″ on the front and 17″ on the rear. The rear wheel has a lenticular rim that prevents air from penetrating through the spokes, reducing turbulence and improving driving stability. The mono shock absorber at the rear of the bike uses a single valve that exerts equal pressure, resulting in better handling and stability.

The front of the bike has a new front fender, brass plated support, Galfer discs, and Beringer brake calipers. The Kustom Tech levers with brake reservoir and Motogadget handlebar switches are also essential features for this motorcycle. The damping has been upgraded with a new Hagon shock absorber, and the brake light has been embedded in the rear of the cowl, just above the rear turn signals that have been inserted into the chassis.

The length of the bike has been increased thanks to the extension of the swingarm, with a total added length of 15 cm/6 in. The modifications made on the bike required reinforcement of the chassis, and the project was taken to the laboratory to perform the relevant tests and prove its resistance.

For the development of the front fairing, it was necessary to create from scratch an internal structure of the front fairing capable of attaching this part to the chassis. This is part of the development process of parts that normally is not usually seen in the final result. The chrome plating process in all the metal parts of the motorcycle is a chemical process that leaves the parts of the motorcycle shining like a mirror. The brass plating of the screws, tank cap, or badges are also taken care of to the last detail.

The Helios is a motorcycle that is a true testament to Tamarit Motorcycles’ dedication to craftsmanship and design. It is a unique masterpiece that has been developed with passion, skill, and attention to detail. The Helios is not just a motorcycle, it is a work of art that can be ridden.

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