The SCOTT Ransom: A Closer Look at the All-New Enduro Race Machine

In the ever-evolving world of mountain biking, the Scott Ransom emerges as a formidable force – an enduro race machine, a park rat, and an all-mountain adventure phenom. The all-new Ransom doesn’t just push the boundaries; it redefines them, engineered for maximum downhill performance and an all-time confidence-inspiring ride.

Kinematic Marvel: Mastering Suspension Performance

At the heart of the Ransom’s prowess lies its maximized suspension performance, featuring the all-new 6-Bar Linkage. The suspension layout delivers an exceptional pedaling platform, remarkable grip during braking, and unparalleled support when pushing the limits. This kinematic marvel ensures that the Ransom doesn’t take no for an answer, providing a ride that’s both thrilling and responsive.

Nude Suspension Technology: Tailored for Ultimate Thrills

The Ransom boasts NUDE Suspension technology, a game-changer in the world of mountain biking. Custom-tuned with the Float-X NUDE shock from FOX, this suspension system perfectly complements the Ransom’s kinematic. It ensures full factory performance when descending while maintaining efficiency during ascents, creating a bike that’s ready for any challenge.

Robust Construction: Engineered for Gravity

Crafted for demanding gravity use, the Ransom’s frame layout showcases meticulously engineered structural strength. The even load transfer across each frame element provides natural strength, resulting in a well-balanced riding feel. This construction is a testament to the Ransom’s durability and reliability on the toughest terrains.

Geometry Mastery: Confidence in Every Turn

The Ransom’s geometry is a result of meticulous dialing, creating a bike that instills confidence in the roughest and fastest downhill sections. Yet, it doesn’t compromise agility and precision, ensuring optimal performance in tight corners and technical terrain. The balance achieved in the Ransom’s geometry is a testament to its versatility across various riding preferences.

Dropper Insertion: Elevating Your Riding Experience

With a horizontal shock position, the Ransom facilitates easy shock access and accommodates longer dropper posts, with a remarkable 180mm on size medium. This feature ensures riders experience the full potential of their bike, adapting seamlessly to diverse riding conditions.

Versatility Redefined: Wheelsize Options

Equipped with 29” wheels as standard, the Ransom offers the flexibility to switch to a 27.5” rear wheel setup. The simple flip chip customization allows riders to tailor their bike to personal preferences, showcasing the adaptability that modern riders demand.

Adjustable Head Angle: Tailor Your Ride

The Ransom introduces an adjustable head tube angle, providing riders the freedom to choose between a steeper or slacker setup. This adaptability caters to individual preferences, terrain variations, and unique riding styles.

Internal Storage Innovation: Syncros Matchbox Kit

Integrated into the downtube is the Syncros Matchbox Kit, offering a clean and functional solution. This kit includes a spare tube, tire levers, chain tool, and multitool, ensuring riders are always prepared for trail-side mechanical challenges.

Detail-Oriented Performance: The Devil in the Details

The Ransom’s performance advantage lies in its clever integration of features. From setting sag effortlessly to shock access at the touch of a button, every detail is designed for maximum efficiency and ease of maintenance.

Syncros Hixon IC: Elevated Cockpit Experience

The Ransom features the Syncros Hixon iC SL Cockpit, showcasing refined ergonomics, multiple rise options, and various stem lengths. The cockpit design allows for seamless integration of accessories like computer mounts and lights, creating a clutter-free and aesthetically pleasing riding experience.

Syncros Tubeless Handlebar Tool: Functional Integration

The Ransom 900 RC and 910 models feature the iS Tubeless Handlebar tool, seamlessly integrated into Syncros grips. This innovative tool enhances functionality and adds convenience to the rider’s experience.

6-Link Kinematic: Precision in Every Move

The Ransom’s 6-Link Kinematic ensures a direct and precise riding feel, coupled with a low center of gravity for enhanced stability. The bike’s maximum adjustability, from geometry to headtube angle, offers riders the freedom to customize their experience according to their preferences.


Scott Ransom – The Ultimate Performance Machine

From its supernatural suspension to meticulous construction, versatile design, and detail-oriented features, the Ransom is not just a bike; it’s an experience. It’s a machine that defies limitations, providing riders with the tools to conquer any trail and chase those dream laps in the bike park. The Ransom isn’t just a bike; it’s a revolution in mountain biking technology.

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