Raus Cabins

The cabins are designed for RAUS as hotel rooms placed in nature around Germany. Each hotel room is self-sufficient and can be located in spectacular landscapes to offer a break or a small holiday without traveling far.

Working with only a few cubic meters is in some ways always a challenge. But at the same time, we found it to be a source of inspiration because of the clear framework set for what is possible. In order to make the small space appear grand, we packed all programs on one side and left the other with high ceilings and big panoramic windows. Bed, sofa, bunk beds, and bathroom are all niches in an inhabited wall. This way we created a cave-like situation where you can crawl in and feel protected from one side, and have a full open view in all other directions. The idea behind the mobile cabins is to frame the idyllic view, quite literally, with the help of the large floor-to-ceiling windows.

All cabins are stained black wood on the inside. This allows for an unbroken view of nature, as the dark interior barely creates any reflections in the glass.

Another special feature is the skylights in the bathroom and above the bunk bed, which allow you to gaze up into the crown of the tree above.

When you make yourself a cup of tea or coffee in the kitchen in the morning the sun shines into your cabin through the roof. It then moves along behind the cabin, so that at the warmest time of the day you have shade on the front terrace and can watch the sunset in bed or on the small terrace.

About Architect Sigurd Larsen

Sigurd Larsen

Sigurd Larsen is a Berlin-based Danish architect. He has a master’s degree from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in Copenhagen.

Sigurd Larsen founded the studio in 2010 and is currently building houses in Denmark, Germany, Austria, France, and Greece. Apart from houses, the studio completed a series of loft rooms at Michelberger Hotel in Berlin as well as the treetop hotel Lovtag in Denmark and public schools in Germany. More hotels are under construction in Germany and Greece. The work of the design studio combines the aesthetics of high-quality materials with concepts focusing on functionality in a complex context.

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