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Puma has announced the release of its new hybrid sneaker, the Velophasis. Inspired by the brand’s defining “Complete” line from the 2000s, the Velophasis builds on the revolutionary technologies developed by Puma during that time, such as the iCELL, e+CELL, and EverRide technologies.

The design of the Velophasis takes the best of both the past and present, with an upper that is built asymmetrically and features inserts directly taken from the running shoes of the 2000s but updated with new materials. The honeycombed mesh, textured panels, and aggressive shape pay homage to the heritage of the Complete line while adapting to the visual codes of the Y2K culture.

The first colors of the Velophasis are based on a more contemporary aesthetic. The Velophasis Bionic features a metallic look with cream and electro blue inserts. Meanwhile, the Velophasis Phased is inspired by the Vaporwave movement and the internet culture of the early 2000s, with bright tones that contrast with the sobriety of its design.

The Puma Velophasis Bionic will be available on February 4th, and the three colorways of the Velophasis Phased will be available on February 11th on Puma.com and in selected retailers. Additional colorways and exciting collaborations will come later in the spring of 2023, making this a must-have shoe for sneaker enthusiasts.

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