Piaggio 1

Piaggio 1 combines the winning features of the most modern e-scooter – agility and lightweight for urban commuting combined with minimalism and practicality.

First and foremost, this means safety, thanks to a solid frame and suspension designed for riding pleasure, but also an attractive design with attention to even the smallest details, comfort, and high-level rideability, as well as a full technological package that includes digital color instrumentation, full LED lighting, and a keyless system.

Piaggio 1 is also the only e-scooter in its category with a spacious under-seat storage compartment, large enough to hold a full jet helmet.

Piaggio 1 is powered by an electric motor built into the rear wheel: the moped version, with a speed limited to 45 km/h, puts out 1.2 kW of power, whereas the electrobike version mounts a 2 kW unit.

In all versions, the battery is located beneath the seat, easily removable in just a few seconds, and portable so it can be conveniently charged at home or in the office.

There are, therefore, three Piaggio 1 versions available, with two different types of batteries:

Piaggio 1
Speed of 45 km/h, range of up to 55 km in ECO, up to 43 km in SPORT (WMTC cycle)

Piaggio 1

Piaggio 1+
Speed of 45 km/h, range of up to 100 km in ECO, up to 68 km in SPORT (WMTC cycle)

Piaggio 1+

Piaggio 1 Active
Speed of 60 km/h, range of up to 85 km in ECO, up to 66 km in SPORT (WMTC cycle)

Piaggio 1 Active

The front shield is simultaneously compact and protective and it includes the classic “neck-tie” on the top part that elegantly distinguishes Piaggio vehicles. The LED lights stand out at the sides with a design that recalls the clean and arched lines of the vehicle’s side view, providing an overall lightweight and dynamic image. The rear, sleek and slender, terminates in the thin rear light cluster, also LED.

Great attention was placed on ergonomics: despite its compact size, the seat-footrest-handlebar triangle follows the exact same proportions as the traditional scooters in the Piaggio range. These measurements translate into a comfortable riding position, thanks in part to the flat and spacious footrest, whereas the passenger uses practical and sturdy fold-away footpegs.

The handlebar enhances the rationality of the design: free of any bulky plastic, at the center, it mounts a large 5.5” digital color LCD display, always perfectly visible thanks to the twilight sensor that adapts the background and font color based on the detected light (day/night mode).

The information is displayed on a graphic screen that is simple and easy to read, but with a high aesthetic impact: in the central part, the speed indicator is surrounded by the energy level (used or recovered while riding), the battery charge level, and the remaining range in km, as well as all the trip information that can be selected using the MODE button located both on the instrument panel and on the left-hand control block: instantaneous and average energy consumption, trip time, total and partial odometer (Trip A and B). The lower part of the display, on the other hand, shows the riding mode, which can be selected using the specific MAP button on the right-hand control block.

Thanks to the keyless system, Piaggio 1 does not need a traditional key and it can be started using the remote control and operating a practical handle, which replaces the classic ignition switch: to start the vehicle, simply press the unlock button on the remote control (an audible signal will confirm the operation and the luminous ring on the hand grip will light up) and move the hand grip to the ON position.

ECO mode, intended to save energy, extends battery life; speed is limited to 30 km/h, and acceleration is more gradual. Sport, on the other hand, is the basic riding mode which exploits the full power of the motor.

Maximum practicality: the battery is removable and does not take any space away from the under-seat storage compartment

In all the versions, the battery can be removed in just a few seconds, disconnecting the cable that connects it to the vehicle; featuring a handle, it can easily be transported for convenient charging at home, in the office, or anywhere you may be.

The 1 version is equipped with a 1.4 kWh battery that weighs 10 Kg, whereas the 1+ and 1 Active versions use a higher capacity 2.3 kWh battery that weighs 15 Kg.

The standard time required for a full charge is 6 hours (with a voltage of 220 V). The battery provides excellent efficiency for up to 800 full charging cycles. Even after the eight hundred charging cycles, the battery still maintains 70% of its capacity and is perfectly usable.

1’s electric motor, developed by Piaggio, is a hub type, in other words, built into the rear wheel hub: this is a choice that contributes to making the vehicle layout extremely simple and compact.

The 1 and 1+ versions are equipped with an electric motor that puts out 1.2 kW of continuous power, whereas the power in the 1 Active version is 2 kW. These are values that allow performance to be achieved compared to that of traditional 50 cc scooters, combined with the quick power output from a standstill typical of electric motors, consistently guaranteeing agile and pleasant city riding.

Thanks to its lightweight, its modern lithium-ion battery, and an efficient kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) that charges it during deceleration, all the Piaggio 1 versions guarantee outstanding range, reaching as high as 100 km in the 1+ version.

Piaggio 1 is an extremely lightweight vehicle (75 Kg without the battery, 79 Kg in the 1 Active version), without sacrificing a refined chassis architecture, adopting the same technical solutions as traditional Piaggio scooters: The frame is designed for performance and to withstand the stress of city use, is a high-resistance single steel tube with elements in pressed steel. The suspension system relies on a single-arm fork with coil spring and hydraulic shock absorber at the front, whereas the rear employs dual hydraulic shock absorbers, all to the advantage of riding comfort and safety.

Braking is powerful and modulated, ensured both at the front and the rear by a large 175 mm, hydraulically operated disc brake. The 1 Active version features combined CBS braking.

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